Opening a kayak rental shop seems like an idea that is happening whether I like it or not. Don’t get me wrong; I love the idea. But I have enjoyed a relatively easy life now for a couple of years. Well, easy compared to the rest of my life. Starting a business will likely bring lots of headaches and challenges and long hours. So, I’m trying to enjoy what time there is left before things really start getting under way.
The outpouring of support for this idea makes me believe this is going to be a great adventure and well worth the effort. Thanks so much to the people that have donated their time and money so far. And to companies like for the incredible distraction that lies right under my boat every night now ;^P The fish bump my boat constantly while I try to sleep. It’s a glorious problem to have!

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Do You Need To Get Healthy?

As you become older it is very important to preserve an excellent fitness level. In the following paragraphs we will teach you various ways you can preserve yourself in good shape. Implement the next information on physical fitness to your each day existence, in order you age group, you are able to much better adjust to the modifications within your body.

A good way to make sure a safe and secure physical fitness schedule is to be sure that you possess completely recovered from the prior day, just before trying your new exercise. This can be done by determining your day resting heartrate and evaluating it to your regular resting heartrate. If it is considerably greater than regular, you require far more relaxation.

Keeping yourself fit can be difficult until you be in the habit of training, but if you stay with it you will end up compensated using a great looking body. With any luck , you have some good physical fitness suggestions and therefore are willing to utilize these people to your following play the prohibit or getaway to a health club.


  1. Those are monster cats… Best investment you've made… You never will go hungry…please test a cast net on that spot to see what u get

  2. I read a suggestion below about getting a liquor license. I wouldn't bother with getting a liquor license right now or anytime for that matter. It's way too costly and to deal with drunks, or potential fatalities. No thanks. Just sell ice cream. It's got to be a family oriented atmosphere and who doesn't like ice cream on a hot humid Florida weather. Also he needs to put some sort of barricade near the sea wall for safety. Lawsuits can kill a business. Marty, 1st thing you gotta think is safety/protection before thinking profits! Make sure you take all precautions with laws and regulations in your city. Have legal documents like a waiver made up to protect yourself from lawsuits. Them pylons you had cut up…keep out of reach of children. Them barnacles can cause serious stitches. And you definitely need a common area for customers to relax under shade and add fans. Maybe you can haul some sand in and make an imitation beach/pool for the moms and tots near the water. have some sort of water system pumping fresh or salt of your preference. Make it just a foot or 2 deep. So far you've done well. WTG!

  3. I'll come. When your ready. Hope you have space for tents. If I'm going to come all the way from Texas I'm going to have to stay a couple of days.

  4. It's refreshing to watch your property becoming a place you love. Keep at it and don't forget when some days seem longer than others that nothing is achieved without the hard work and dedication you continue to show. When I finally leave Okinawa and come back to Florida I'll stop by and visit!

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