Yoga Upload with Maris Aylward – Here’s a short vinyasa flow yoga practice for busy days. In under 20 minutes, move and stretch your body with this standing poses only class. We start and end in mountain pose. This class is appropriate for intermediate students and strong beginners.

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  1. Great practice Maris! I combined this with the 30 minute seated poses. Question- I don't have the strength/balance yet to do all of these poses, so for the twist during the down dog I balance my hands/arms on an ottoman or blocks- so I am not down all the way to the floor. Is this an OK way to build up to getting all the way to the floor? thanks!

  2. I cannot ever wait for your new videos!!!!
    You are just the best….I've watched every single video you have and I love them all.
    Thank you so much for uploading these and sharing your time with us! And for always being in such a good mood! 🙂

  3. Have final exams very soon and was feeling stressed out from sitting and studying all day..this was perfect! Thank you 🙂

  4. Here's a short yoga flow practice (18 minutes) to move and stretch your entire body. This is all my pregnant and easily fatigued self can manage. 🙂 Hope you enjoy! Thanks everyone! 🙂 – Maris

  5. It's midnight here in England but just had to practice when I saw this new class pop up. Brilliant as always, thanks so much. Love every one of your videos

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