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The Reverse Plank helps to strengthen your back body, which helps with posture. Do a reverse plank hold for about 30 seconds, then repeat twice more to firm up the backside of the body to improve posture.

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Work on balance and core with this Pilates Routine.

Hi! My name is Heather Stevens and my Blog is about keeping it real and keeping it simple. I’m a certified Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. I’ve taught just about every class format imaginable in my 20 plus years in the Fitness Industry. I’ve also taught dance and gymnastics classes as well as danced myself. I teach mainly Pilates now, but I also teach Barre Fusion classes and TRX classes. I try to utilize all my training and education and put a little bit of everything in my workouts for both me and my clients. I’m excited to share my workouts with you!

I’ve trained to the extreme during my fitness career and have competed in Bodybuilding and Fitness competitions. Those were grueling days of doing 2 hours of cardio and restricting my diet to boiled chicken breasts and yams! Ugh! Now, however, my own fitness regime is a little more normal. As I get older I just want to stay fit and healthy enough to have a good quality of life. In this blog I will try to give you advice on how to be fit and healthy without spending a lot of time doing it. Effective and efficient workouts and information. I also hope to inspire you to maybe try something new in your life or workouts with my Inspiration Page.

I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area and work at The Bay Clubs. I am also going through the Master’s Training Program at the Pilates Center in Boulder, CO and have submitted a video for Pilates Instructor of the Year for Pilates Anytime.

Anyway, my goal here is to help you simplify your workouts and certain aspects of life. Most of us don’t have the luxury of working out out for 3 hours each day or having a personal chef at our disposal. Wouldn’t that be lovely? I will try to give you tips and motivation on your workouts to make them more effective and efficient. Joe Pilates believed that if you did an exercise correctly with proper form and alignment, then the body would only be able to do a few reps. How’s that for efficient? More is not necessarily better!

As I launched my site I found out that on the same day Websters Dictionary inducted WTF into its dictionary. Recognizing it as an official word. Coincidence? I think not. Hopefully they will amend it to be synonymous to What The Fitness!

I’m looking forward to this journey!

Ideas to Tone Up Your Body

A in good physical shape system is vital to health and stamina. In addition to good diet, healthful exercises are important for a and achieved life. Working out is useful for your muscles, coronary heart and thoughts. This content beneath consists of many tips and advice on building and maintaining a match system.

A good, and simple exercise to try when getting into much better actual physical form is strolling. Jogging with a quick rate for fifteen to twenty or so minutes per day can quickly effect your workout goals. If you walk for 30 mins, you will have a similar effect for your system, it can just be a lot more gradual.

After your personalized health and fitness program is underway, you will learn that your particular schooling about them is never done. This is a great point. Continual understanding is useful as well as essential to sustain and boost your health and fitness outcomes and to assist you to stay dedicated. If the understanding you will get pays off so well, you are going to enjoy the learning method.