Very, very nice and simple choreography to a new song “Chantaje” 🙂

It is a bit sensual, with some reggaeton and belly dance elements… all in all we LOVE IT!!!!

Hope you’ll enjoy it too, LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE!!!! 🙂

Greetings from Serbia!

Stigla je i nasa verzija koreografije uz novu pesmu “Chantaje” 🙂

Pomalo je senzualna, sa elementima reggaeton-a i trbusnog plesa… sve u svemu OBOZAVAMO JE!!!!! 🙂

Nadamo se da ce se i vama svideti, LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE! 🙂

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  1. The choreographer has lots of energy! Everyone else is doing great catching up 🙂 thanks for sharing

  2. I always dance ur zumba choreography specially this one and it fits my hips and booty a lot.. thanks 😉 I do it 5 times a day and 10mins per times.. 😘 thank u

  3. Eso no esta correcto por que tienes q avisar los pasos eso ya debería estar puesto y todos q se lo sepan y para demostrarlo el miércoles 19 les enviare un vídeo

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