October Exercise Of The Month – The Single Leg Kick by www.thebodyworkshoppilates.com. Music by – www.purple-planet.com.
The Single Leg Kick is an exercise that teaches you to open out and lengthen your hip flexor muscles.
These days as we all tend to spend too much time with our hips flexed whether that is sitting at work at home or driving cars. This can lead to am imbalance between the hip flexors and extensors making it tricky for must of us to take our legs and feet behind us(which is hip extension) without some sort of faulty movement pattern of shorting at the hip rather than opening at the hip which then can pull on the lower back.
The Single Leg Kick is hip extension giving an active stretch of your hip flexors while bending the knee therefore working the muscles in the back of the legs such as hamstrings which help with hip extension/ lengthening. By adding in the point and flex of the foot it begins to mobilise the ankle joint as well as challenging coordination.

Once you have master the version with your head down you move onto the version your elbows which requires more extension and length from the from of the body. It also require spine mobility and shoulder stabilisation.

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Using up a sports activity could be a fantastic assistance to a personal physical fitness program. A sports activity which requires some cardiovascular effort and muscle strength can provide the key benefits of workout that each exercise program should include. A sports activity which you appreciate could be much easier to get involved in and keep with than merely hitting the gym in the interests of hitting the gym.

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