Sophie introduces you to some simple abdominal exercises such as criss cross, single and double leg stretch, giving you options to regress or progress throughout. From there she takes you on a glute blasting journey transitioning from prone, to kneeling and finally to a standing squat series. She completes the workout by returning to the core and offers three strong rounds of core boosters!

Sophie would like to personally thank all the people that took the time to get in touch with her to give feedback on her eFit30 classes. Especially those who contacted her and asked for more. It was your feedback and stories that inspired Sophie to make two more videos with the intention to help you all with your personal movement journeys.

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Get In Shape With the Help of These Ideas

Physical fitness should a crucial part of anyone’s existence. It can magic for the body, maintaining it healthy, and providing you with far more vitality. However many people find it hard to exercise regularly within their busy plan. This post includes useful, effortless recommendations so that you can figure out how to exercising successfully in a modest amount of time.

Strengthen your returning to aid conclusion back problems. Each time you need to do a collection of workouts that target your abdomen workouts, do a collection of workouts that target your lower back. Training only your ab muscles can cause bad position and pain in the lower back.

With these recommendations, you should certainly begin working out weekly. Monitor how much body weight you shed if you want one thing to keep you motivated. You ought to view a big difference in your appearance at yourself: perhaps you can even get new clothing and meet new people as a result of your self confidence.


  1. I love doing Pilates with Sophie! she looks like a Disney princess but can work you hard like a wicked step mother.

  2. Yay Sophie is back! I love your workouts on e-fit, you remind me to breath and really make sure that people keep their form to maximize what they get out of your routine. Thank you! Thank you! Please have Sophie on more regularly!!

  3. I really value your workouts! They are truly effective and help with other workouts. I really hope you do more.

  4. I loved this one! Thank you so much Sofie, you are fantastic! I´m totally trying all others:-)

  5. I am so glad that I found this workout today, it was great and you are such a lovely, kind and beautiful instructor. Thank you! X

  6. Sophie has got to be my favourite Pilates instructor I've ever had! Even if it is just a video and not live…

  7. Sophie, you are my FAVOURITE pilates teacher in ALL of youtube. Going to make the boyfriend do this (should be super funny)

  8. Huge fan of Sophie's work outs, they are all I do! Love this one, could you link the second new one? I can't find it, thanks!

  9. you have the best pilates workouts that are shot quick and to the point…please make more 🙂

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