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Tips on How to Look and Feel Sexy

For most people, getting fit may seem like a hopeless job. It requires efforts and vigor and doesn’t seem to be everything that enjoyable. However, with the right exercise program, designed to what you can do and the things you get pleasant, getting fit and keeping match can be quite a long term hobby. Following are some tips to get involved with the golf swing of points.

To be able to increase strength, attempt lifting light weight load quick. By lifting a lighter weight quick your muscle mass will produce higher force than had you been lifting a weightier bodyweight little by little. To get the most out of this sort of incredible education, choose a bodyweight that may be 40 to 60 percent of your one particular rep optimum, and perform 8 sets of 3 reps. Each and every rep needs to be executed as fast as possible.

Although this write-up may make it sound easy, the most important aspect is work and perseverence. Hitting the gym might be enjoyable and easy, additionally it calls for continual work to obtain any results. So, shut down the TV and have off the chair, check out the gym, and begin exercising.


  1. I do like your videos and advice, but I have 5 small children, so a shorter explanation /video sans preamble, or at least a time stamp to skip to the nitty gritty would be very helpful! Love ya, thanks again! <3

  2. Sugar messes up your brain, so you're more likely to beat yourself up. It also feeds bad bacteria, which will then continue to scream for more ice cream. Sauerkraut is amazing for the gut and it is filling too 'cause it's cabbage. Lots of great sauerkraut out there now from Wildbrine. Body Ecology diet teaches great gut health whole foods diets for proper nutrition including good fats and animal proteins. Raw foods from Rawlicious and Ani Phyo have healthy, tasty recipes. Just found monk fruit extract which tastes better than stevia – fantastic! I can actually stand it in tea and coffee. Probiotics, enzymes and cod liver oil are best from the naturopath for quality and performance. These will save your brain and your belly. Maybe you already know this stuff, but I wish you gut health and luck. You're a lovely, smart girl. Best of luck! Following and love your vids – best of YouTube exercises and body awareness!!

  3. My high school sweetheart and I put hickeys on each other all the time. Pissed my parents off and they could me they could cause cancer. I've read recently though, that in rare cases, hickeys can kill you. Crazy.

  4. can you please make videos where you just do the workouts i really don't have time for all of that useless talk

  5. Really appreciate you sharing your struggles with eating!! This is one of the top reasons that I come to you for motivation. Thank you!!

  6. OMG Did you put purity ring on the video!! i love you even more, good taste in music <3 thanks abby this is very helpful

  7. Hey Abby I really related to your food talk in this video. My issue is I have lots of food sensitivities that crept up in my late 20s. It limits what I can eat and it gives me a VERY weird relationship with food that is frustrating/depressing at times. That + time crunch of busy girl life + mental health issues = a big ol mess. Still looking for that balance…. :-/

  8. It's such a relief for me that there are others like me who even after years of rigorous training and healthy eating still have no control over themselves when it comes to cookies and ice cream and such. It's like there is faulty wiring in my brain…I can live without sweets without a problem but once I start I just can't stop. Sighs. I just accepted that that's what it's like for me and I just have to work around it and avoid temptation.

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