This flexibility training flow is perfect for the splits and backbend lover! Or… if you have a love/hate relationship with them and want to turn it into a full on love affair 😉 As always, listen to your body and do what feels good to you: modify accordingly! No warm up is required prior to this sequence, but it always helps. Even a long hot shower will do. Happy stretching, enjoy 🙂

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[Flow With Adee] I am a registered yoga teacher with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology. Movement is essential to a happy, healthy lifestyle and I believe there is a form of movement for everyone. With roots in dance, much of my yoga is free flowing and therefore looks different on every body. That is the beauty of it! Allow your body to MOVE YOU. I hope my classes can provide you some peace and a time to tune in to your body and let go. xx



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Follow These Ideas to Get Into Shape

Preserving your exercise and fitness while you age is essential to lifestyle a lengthy healthier daily life. As your system age ranges, your your bones become less strong, leading them to be more at risk of splits. Keeping in shape aids to maintain your your bones robust, as well as your system can recover from injuries more rapidly. This information will offer you some great ideas for preserving your health and fitness into the fantastic several years.

Increase the rate of your own strides, not the space. Whenever you reduce your stride but within the rate, you will have greater form and improve your energy. You could always relocate back to longer strides later on, but to make use of a greater work, speed up and get more compact steps.

As was discussed at the beginning of the article, while you age your whole body should go through several modifications. It is vital to know that as we age it becomes more challenging to preserve your fitness level. Utilize the advice from earlier mentioned, and you may live a life with way less pains and aches.


  1. Thank you so much for these videos. I feel so much better since I started doing flows in the morning.

  2. You are truly impressive, Adee. I'm one of the those here for your stretches. I'm gonna be a noodle after carrying out all the exercises in your video ✌🏾

  3. I feel that being flexible would help me with dancing and martial arts. I can't even touch my lower shins without bending my knees. I've been practicing with your video as often as I can and loving it. it's going to take me some time to get results. it hurts!

  4. Damn, your booty is crazy gorgeous hot. You have the perfect hour glass figure. The best part is your voice and stunning eyes. You are sooooo beautiful.

  5. i bet most of people commenting here cnt do that including me , lol great video adee i will try that out but the problem is boner will touch the ground

  6. Adee, if you're interested in earning money for videos, please write to me. Thank you. Mike

  7. i love YOUR style!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! Body feels Great! I''ve watched so many videos, thank GOD for yours!!! Bless you!!

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  9. Thank you for this! I do kickboxing and have had difficulty turning my hip over when doing a thai kick. Followed you through this one time and noticed an immediate improvement in my kicks! This was great.

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