Speed Level 5-10
1 min: Forward Standard Steps
1 min: Left Side Cross Steps
1 min: Right Side Cross Steps
1 min: Reverse Steps (Weight in Heels!)
Speed Level 1-3
1 min: Skip a step w/ glute kick back
1 min: Left Side step w/ leg raise
1 min: Right Side step w/ leg raise

Repeat X 4 = 28 mins!

Want a challenge? Add ankle weights!!

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Ideas for Improving Your Physical Fitness

Looking after your exercise and fitness while you age is very important to residing an extensive wholesome life. As your system age groups, your your bones come to be less strong, causing them to be more prone to pauses. Trying to keep fit aids to help keep your your bones powerful, along with your system can endure traumas quicker. This post will provide you with some good ideas for preserving your health and fitness into the golden many years.

Challenge on your own. Boost the amount of exercising you do daily or every second day. You are going to gradually success a plateau in your exercise routine instead of be doing on your own any good when investing in utilized to what you do usually. They constantly say ‘no ache, no gain’.

Mentioned previously inside the above inside the launch, exercise and fitness is very important to some wholesome life-style. For full body health, health and fitness and good nutrients is very important for everybody. Keep to the helpful suggestions layed out in this article for many interesting and entertaining techniques to help keep your system inside the best problem achievable.


  1. I don't want to bulk my thighs I want to slim them down especialy my inner thighs will this help?

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