Welcome to this 45 minute Intermediate level Step Aerobics Workout for Weight Loss with intervals of upper body/lower body/core sculpt and tone. This workout is easy to follow if you know your basic step moves. I will put a link below to the basic step moves so you can get further explanation and visual to really learn these step moves.
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Get In Shape With These Excellent Tips

For most people, getting fit looks like a hopeless project. It takes time as well as vigor and doesn’t look like everything that entertaining. Even so, together with the appropriate work out plan, designed to what to do and whatever you find enjoyable, getting fit and remaining suit can be quite a long term pastime. Subsequent are a couple of ideas to get involved with the swing of stuff.

In no way workout should you be not feeling nicely. Once you workout, your system causes a little bit of problems for your muscle mass, which it requires to maintenance to ensure they much stronger. Should you be unwell, your system is active mending other problems. Training will only have you feeling a whole lot worse.

As we discussed through the useful guidance within the ideas in the following paragraphs, it really is never too far gone to learn new info that can really benefit your fitness schedule and add to your general fantastic wellness. Anyone can understand new things that can make the effort which you placed into your fitness, rewarding.


  1. This was so much fun! I really loved the new step moves – got to exercise the mind and body! Thanks for spicing things up. I appreciate your creativity and desire to keep us healthy. Thank you!

  2. Wow I feel like I just levelled up. Third combo had me in the zone. Abs are getting stronger. Yahooo. Thanks. This is a keeper.

  3. Thank you so much Angie. I am loving the more complex step workouts with the strength training. Challenging but sooo fun!

  4. So much to love here! Step, is my absolute favorite. This has fun, new, challenging combos. Really appreciate the strength and CORE work, thank you for this amazing, intermediate workout!

    Perfect challenge!

  5. Fun! Perfect for my Sunday afternoon, after a lazy morning of reading a romance novel and having my weekly treat breakfast (coffee and berries and a huge ol' piece of delicious cake, hehehe.) I had so much fun during this workout, I had no time to think of anything other than cheering myself on as I achieved all the more advanced moves and grooves. Thank you, Angie. I hope you remember how important your video gifts are to people (such as me!). I do repeat several of your videos regularly, but each time a new step and sculpt one comes out, I'm immediately inspired to put it in my day schedule.

  6. Just did this one, Angie! Thank you for kicking my butt. I appreciated the added complexity to the step aerobics while keeping it low impact. A fun, solid workout from you, so thank you!

  7. I love your step workouts! I actually prefer it for my cardio than most other types of cardio. Thank you for posting regular workouts, in particular, step workouts!

  8. Mrs. Angie, I love your channel and have been doing your strength training, kickboxing, and cardio videos for a while now. Today I purchased a step bench so I can do these vids as well! Thank you for always uploading amazing content ❤

  9. This looks great Angie!!! Love the step combos!!! Thank you so much for all you do for us 🙂

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