Grab your step for this Cardio Based Lower Body + Core HIIT Workout!
We’ll do a cardio warmup and 4 Intervals of Lower Body and Ab Exercises that will have your heart rate up, the calories burning and a big smile on your face when you are done!

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Whip Your Body Into Shape With These Tips

Health and fitness is approximately not only walking around or searching the portion. So that you can have proper health and fitness, your system have to sense along with it appears to be. This imply that famished your self or taking harmful nutritional supplements is not really simply being good for your health and fitness, in any way. As a result, needs to be eliminated in exchange for these tips alternatively.

Military pushups are a wonderful changes for regular pushups. They give a lot more level of resistance for the hands and chest area, and provide you a lot more results in energy and health and fitness. To look from your standard pushup to some military pushup, merely shift your hands inward from shoulder joint length away from each other to under shoulder joint size. Then do pushups like standard.

In order to improve your health and fitness, keep in mind, it is up to you! Recommendations like the versions provided in this post just might allow you to and also keep you motivated, however the perseverance are only able to be performed by you. Try to use these tips, especially on days and nights when you find yourself sensing a little a lot less lively.


  1. Step in another dimension…combining this with your latest annnnd some standing abs. Thanks for working yours and kicking mine. It shows!

  2. OMG Shelly! I love you even if you are trying to kill me! LOL Granted, I did tack this one onto the end of another HIIT workout 😉 BTW I loved that reverse crunch and kick move- that's a new twist on a regular reverse crunch (and the ankle weights really rev up the burn!)

  3. thank u so much for all your video u share but sometime i watch your video on Sunday because I work so when I came home am very tired I appreciate n love your channel very much n all your workout .so I would like to wish u merry Christmas shelly

  4. OMGGGGG. THIS IS MY very 1st workout with you. HONEYYYY. you are the business. I love your energy, your music. omg I will returning everyday. You will definitely help me lose this weight.

  5. Hi shelly , your coordination and timing is on point. Your energy is on fire! Plus this is pumping me up and wearing me out at the same time lol. Great workout!

  6. hi
    How R U? well I am Khadija Nadeem from Pakistan i am Married now I ve 5 years daughter your full body work out is amazing first time I ve watching your video I like it very much soo I wanna discussed with u about my weight u my age is 41 and i am sooo upset about my weight this time my weight is 80 Kg
    please please help me out How i can lose my weight?
    I am soo depressed plz tell me I wanna lose my weight I hope u will help I am waiting your replay thank you soo much & love u

  7. Still love a good Step workout. Brings me back to the 90s when I used to teach it. 51 and still kicking a**. Thanks Shelly.

  8. @Shellydose I just did your step hitt workout this morning .and girl u keep on killing me .plz don't stop making videos

  9. When I finish a workout I always write something but after this I was so tired and so sweaty I didn't. Thank u Shelly excellent workout as always.

  10. just found you and your workouts. did two in a row, I'm definitely gonna feel it tomorrow! thanks!!

  11. Thank you so much for another great workout!! I know that you use a heavy bag as part of your own workout routine, do you think you would ever post a heavy bag workout? I would love to start using mine, but I don't really know how

  12. Great one Shelly. What's your new venture. Happy early Birthday. I know it's Thursday. Mine is Friday. Have a great one.

  13. Loved this one too Shelly it was fun and got the job done.. those ankles weights yikes!!!! thanks friend can't wait for the patron channel to launch.

  14. Wow, what a workout! The step has become one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Cheers to such innovative use…annnnnd holy moly! Another love…thanks, chica! 💗

  15. I love it when you mix it up with….step, kettlebells, bosu, medicine ball or  kickboxing workouts!  Thank You!

  16. Good morning, Shelly! I was so excited when you posted this workout yesterday afternoon and I kept thinking about it the rest of the day! Morning finally came and just did this workout at 5am! Leg burning and SO SWEATY now! Love your energy so much! LOVED this workout! Thank you SO MUCH again! Have a Wonderful Day! 😃

  17. Great energy in your workout. The last two sets went by really fast, love those kind of workouts. Thanks for sharing, Shelly.

  18. hey Shelly, do you think it's OK to workout before eating or eat something like fruit because it's easy to digest and gives energy almost immediately? just wanted your take on it.. Thanks in advance.

  19. YES!!! I already worked out this morning but doing this one tomorrow! Thank you SO MUCH, Shelly! And I can't wait for your Patreon page to be ready! ❤

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