Did you know that there is ONLY ONE way that you can lose your tush line in the golf swing? What’s so amazing is just how easy it is to fix early extension and to stop standing up out of your posture and eliminate early extension.

Watch my bonus video that will teach you how to sequence the golf swing properly: https://rotaryswing.com/golf-instruction-videos/full-swing-basics/weight-shift/frisbee-drill-for-lag-and-golf-swing-weight-shift

Early extension in the golf swing causes your swing path to be too far from the inside in better players who push too hard off the trailing leg. For higher handicap golfers who push too hard with the right side of the upper body tend to come over the top and hit a pull slice.

Both of these bad golf shots can be prevented by learning how to sit into the left side and move from the lead side of the body. In this way you learn how to build a proper golf swing transition that creates more lag with no effort.

Enjoy a Better Physique With These Ideas for Getting Fit

Exercise is all about more than simply walking around or searching the part. To be able to have appropriate physical fitness, your system need to really feel in addition to it appears. This indicate that starving oneself or taking hazardous nutritional supplements is just not simply being helpful to your physical fitness, by any means. Hence, needs to be eliminated to acquire the following tips as an alternative.

Boost the overall flexibility of your own ankles to turn into a greater and a lot more all-natural swimmer. The more adaptable your ankles are, the better they will carry out like all-natural flippers, supplying you with a better power to launch oneself swiftly and easily all over the h2o. Work towards overall flexibility workout routines everyday to increase your fishing prospective.

Staying match can be challenging till you be in the habit of exercising, however, if you stick to it you may be rewarded with a nice looking entire body. Ideally now you have some good physical fitness suggestions and they are eager to apply those to your upcoming play the obstruct or getaway to the gym.


  1. One thing I've experienced in this squat move, when addressing early extension, is that I need to push up I order to regain spine angle and avoid chunks and flipping at impact. Further if I retain this squat posture and work on rotatation with forward shaft lean I make better contact,, but it can put horrendous strain on lower back. It feels like I'm compressing my spine while rotatating it, another root cause to back pain. Solution, don't over exaggerate the squat.

  2. The biggest problem in my golf swing is the early extension. I have seen multiple coaches and have researched on a solution. On my downswing, I squat and put pressure into the left side but through impact, I stand up. I lose my spine angle when I stand up and this is why I hit consistently. I just do not know how to stop standing up. I know the reason why I am standing up is because the club is getting trapped and this causes me to stand up for the club to not hit the ground.

  3. I'm wondering if standing up(early extension) during the shot is the cause of my over the top swing? are they linked somehow? ie would maintaining the "tush" line(spine angle) stop my ott action? idk??

  4. Good lord… great way to explain this. Jim McClean golf school does not explain it this well. Thank you

  5. The correct sequences are so important, which take our body on the right position to hit the ball.

    In my memory as golf student over than 5 years, no one tells me about it. Everyone trys to fix my problems.

    After I learn this April, I just follow up these videos step by step. My problems are solved with the right concepts and right body movements.

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