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In this video I will teach you how to do lower back extensions at home with no equipment.

I show you various exercises to increase the intensity depending on if you are a beginner or more advanced.

I have also outlined a workout routine for training the lower back to help with increasing muscle size and strength through the region.

A strong back is more resilient and will be less likely to be painful!

Get In Shape With These Excellent Tips

For many individuals, getting fit looks like an impossible job. It will take time as well as vigor and doesn’t appear to be all of that fun. Nevertheless, with all the proper work out strategy, customized to what to do and the things you locate pleasurable, getting fit and keeping fit can be quite a lifelong interest. Pursuing are a few recommendations to get involved with the swing of issues.

To help you tone up your biceps for development and meaning, a two-handed left arm curl is certainly the very best exercising you can do. Using a easy bodyweight club and at least 30 kilos of bodyweight, make sure you do around three sets of 7-10 curls on a daily basis. This exercising requires simple minutes or so along with the final results will likely be slimmer, much stronger, bigger biceps.

If you would like alter your health and fitness, keep in mind, it is perfectly up to you! Ideas just like the versions offered in this post may be able to help you and also motivate you, nevertheless the work is only able to be carried out by you. Try to use these tips, especially on days and nights while you are sensation a little significantly less energetic.


  1. Thanks brother for your teaching. i m going to do this workout. like to see more training tutorials.

  2. This is great. i always believed strengthening the muscle is always the best way to avoid pains and injuries

  3. lower back, glutes, hips, abs … The most important parts of the body. If these have atrophied, or weak you will have serious problems and pain standing, walking, lifting. Your quality of life will be poor.

  4. I train my lower back every time I do core, because being a gymnast, you really just need a massively strong, sturdy core for everything. And at the moment, I'm specifically training for front lever, and straddle planche, and getting really close to both 😃

  5. When I was young I was told not to work out my lower back because it is some kind of muscle group that doesn't need to be trained as you already train the muscle by casual walking.

  6. At 2:14 in, as well as other places, I noticed you're hyper extending backwards. My physical therapist has said that's a no-no. Is that just for me because of herniated L3 and L4 discs? Or is that for anyone? Because I think hyper-extending stresses the discs in the back, doesn't it?

  7. This is real good my upper back is looking good trying to get the lower back looking good to nice work!

  8. I am boxer and this is exercise which i need to add to my morning exercise routine 😉 thanks & sub 😉

  9. That face, that voice, that body, that dedication…
    I'm in love! My back pain is gone!!! hehe 😉

  10. Is it alright to do this with my legs locked under a table? I don't have any rough surfaces to work with, except for my chiseled abs.

  11. I have a herniat disc and i really wanna start building muscles but i'm afraid going to Gym and workout – Now i decided to exercice at home nd focus on my back …

  12. I wanted to ba dat ball and chair and this masculine legs wrap me while the beutiful penis sticks to me. yummy!

  13. I look so toned in the front and my arms but when I turn around my back upper and lower looks not even close to the front

  14. i really don't have anything to do back extensions on at home, can I not just do it lying on the ground with feet hooked under a barbell?

  15. due to lower back pain i was unable to do squtas, deadlift and over head pressses, but after watching this video now i can see a huge change, thanks alot on the tips and help brother!

  16. I had back surgery at L5/S1 a few years ago and wondering if the extensions would adversely affect me. I'm asking since you mentioned activating the posterior chai instead of hinging at L5/S1. I'm taking that to mean I should be good as long as I engage the posterior chain. Thanks for your time!

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