20 Minute Tai Chi Routine – Intermediate Students – 8 Posture Tai Ji Quan https://youtu.be/nHzboRPXsFA

Here are 8 Movements of Traditional Chinese Tai Chi Chuan also called Tai Ji Quan. This lesson is for Intermediate Tai Chi and Qigong students. If you are a Tai Chi beginner you are welcome to try following this Tai Chi video but these Tai Chi lesson is better for beginners:

1. Easy Tai Chi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHBR5MZmEsY&t=68s

2. Tai Chi for Beginners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w7IS8_UzHM&t=523s

3. My Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Ji Quan Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1KFAvN24RsxQCua6v_2sbC98AHnNapTp

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  1. Mocked around with the moves but in time I will get not as easy as it looks I felt the burn. Nice video keep it coming ☺

  2. There is tons of denominations of tai chi and kung fu. whoever believes this isn't real tai chi you ought to research more.

  3. That the life. Your have good body movement and balance, but you need to work on your spirituality the connection ain just there. you have to disconnect your self from the world, to let go with everything, and become unknow

  4. thanks Jake so glad there is an elite number of younger generation people who are willing to put the work into learning real kung fu please overlook negativity it has always been around my kung fu came from the hung family i stand with and behind Jake

  5. Jake Mace has 2 fake accounts. He is using those to throll Martialarts Tutorials and Fight Tip's channel hahaha! Its so easy if u know how to trace em by using ip add. Lol.

  6. well everybody the fake sloopy kung fu pretender SERGIO perez from martial arts tuturiol & tips  that's talking smack about the MASTER MACE, GOT HIM A FIGHT IN HIS HOMETOWN with a friend and  ex karate champion in his 40's and he backed down. the fight was for a1000 bucks, Sergio dick perez is a coward !!!so much talk, Master mace is the man!

  7. Thanks Jake Mace i was waiting for this, Now that i have the time for some easy slow-mo exercises in between my breaks of working at home

  8. if I would violate the basic principles you learn in a fundamental tai chi lesson the way it's done in this video and even film it, my teacher would never put a hand on me again… it is nice that you are enthusiastic about all these arts you make videos of, but you are definitely lacking in basics! how can you even dare to teach things you don't have clue about… you might know some Kung Fu stuff but NO TAI CHI… such a shame

  9. I practice Tai Chi and other martial arts in my backyard. I love it when It's peaceful, but I can go to the ocean and practice it. I bought the dvd trainer and thanks Jake Mace for it, It help me a lot and I got myself a 4th degree black belt in my dojo class. Thanks Jake!!!!

    I wish you the best of your summer time.

  10. i have liked every last one of your videos and you inspire me to keep going in hyper martial arts you are my biggest hero.

  11. Hey guess who's got a drone ?

    Good on ya mate, I like/enjoy & benifit from your input !

    Cheers from West Australia

  12. that's not real tai chi ??? your ludacris I can't do half of what this man can do yet lol he knows what he's talking about he's been around you people who don't like him don't waste your time commenting negative comments there not welcomed here thanks !!

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