What are the best fat burning workouts for men? This brand new video will organize 4 of the best fat burning exercises for killer fat burning workouts to show you how to lose belly fat fast…WITHOUT cardio.

This is one of the best fat burning workouts for men because they will also help you increase testosterone, leanness and mass.

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Here’s the 11 week progression model for the workout… I included the weights I’ve used when I went through this barbell complex workout myself… think you can beat me?

Week 1: 5 sets of 5 @ 135lbs – 2min Rest at the end of each complex.

Week 2: 7 sets of 7 @ 135lbs – 2min Rest at the end of each complex.

Week 3: 8 sets of 8 @ 135lbs – 2min Rest at the end of each complex.

Week 4: 8 sets of 10 @ 135lbs – 2min Rest at the end of each complex.

Week 5: 10 sets of 10 @ 135lbs – 2min Rest at the end of each complex.

Week 6: 12 sets of 6 @ 155lbs – 2min Rest at the end of each complex.

Week 7: 12 sets of 7 @ 155lbs – 2min Rest at the end of each complex.

Week 8: 12 sets of 8 @ 155lbs – 2min Rest at the end of each complex.

Week 9: 8 sets of 8 @ 165lbs – 2min Rest at the end of each complex.

Week 10: 9 sets of 8 @ 165lbs – 2min Rest at the end of each complex.

Week 11: 10 sets of 8 @ 165lbs – 2min Rest at the end of each complex.

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Vince Del Monte
Honors Kinesiology Degree
PICP Level 1 and 2 Certified
BioSignature Modulation Practitioner
PIMST & FFT Certified
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If you are jogging on the fitness treadmill machine for exercising, do not maintain into the rails. You may contact them for harmony but you must not need to maintain on when jogging or working. If you do have to carry on, you really should take into account reducing the strength stage as it might be a lot of.

Mentioned previously initially of the write-up, preserving your exercise and fitness while you era is vital to residing a long healthier existence. Bone fragments be a little more fragile while you era, making it harder to recuperate from accidents. Implement the advice from this write-up to help you keep your fitness as you get older, and to maintain your bones healthier and powerful.


  1. Hi Vince, Seems that you have a lot of critics. lol. I'm assuming that the weight that is used would be a weight that you can do all exercise positions. And the jump is more like a hop. Is this correct? And the hole idea behind not resting between position. Is to keep heart rate up. what kind of rest in between sets do you recommend? And how many sets should I do? Thanks. Jim

  2. vince, I've seen your 3 and 5 fast fats burning exercise videos,including this one. all of them are to be done once a week. do you advice to do these three exercises on alternative days. I mean if i could do 1st one on Monday, 2nd on wed and 3rd on Fri?????

  3. so if you get better and better at cardio and get less from more would not thousand be true with weights . the more you lift the easier it becomes to lift therefore you need more weight

  4. ok update on order of your product.
    i have not received it. please contact me here and I'll tell you how to return my money.

  5. ordered a half hour ago and did not receive anything. please check on this for me and post a private way we can communicate….ty

  6. "Far superior to Crossfit because there is a progression model built in". I really wish people wouldn't make stupid nonsensical comments like this.

  7. I think it's about finding the right position, but sometimes you might not have the strength or mechanics to work it. Best to leave the ego behind and work on lesser weight then what your head thinks lol

  8. My friend finally confided in me how she lost all of her bodyweight and it had been by following the “fizy unique plan” (Google it). Soon after hearing about her results, lost 13 lbs, I decided to google the “fizy unique plan” for by myself.

  9. and thats how you fuck your knee. idiot! swap it out for some other compound movement. AthleanX is better.

  10. vince is it better to do this after my normall workout or before.. like if i train 2day chest and triceps.. must i do this training after ore before??? please let me know.!
    thnx btw you are really a motivated me 2 work harder!!!😃

  11. Been trying the first one and it's awesome. Can't wait to get into the gym and try this one. Thanks Vince and keep it comin

  12. Years of playing Rugby screwed up my back, my knees and my shoulders…guess I'll be hitting the treadmill then.

  13. Dude are you serious??? jumping with weights? Just NO! People please do not do the first excercise EVER!!! You will kill your back, knees and who knows what else.

  14. Yep, I did this for a week and threw my back out. I have been lifting all my life and am done with deadlifts forever!

  15. i dont agree with this method, think of the compression on your spine when landing with all that weight, this is not good practice, and ive been training over 30 plus yrs.

  16. No cardio at all??
    So it is good being lean and strong but no stamina at all? You cant run for 5 minutes because youre gas out.

  17. Vince. Can you put together a "screw cardio" workout for biceps and triceps? I love the other one. You have.

  18. I've been doing the bare bell routine I'm at 95lbs and I have accomplished 8 rounds in 20 minutes. I'm starting week 5 and hopefully I can get to ten rounds with 135lbs. Then moving on to this routine!!!

  19. I am not sure if you will see this comment or if you have already given advise on this before, I am already lifting weights 4 times a week and I started incorporating these complexes on 2 out 3 of my rest days. That started making it difficult for me to recover for my main lifting days..I was also on a calorie deficit at the time because I was trying to lose some fat. Any advise on recovery or programming these complexes?

  20. I'm no crossfitter… but saying that this is "far superior" to it is a pretty bold statement. Considering the only reason you gave was because of a "progression model". Besides that comment, some good info in this video.

  21. vince i bought the barbel complexes i did it for six weeks and i didn't lose fat. what happened?

  22. You can't pick and choose where to loose fat, this workout aims the whole body as one, The Standing Press makes you use your core and back to stabilize, then moving on etc etc. If you do this everyday or 2nd day, with diet you'll be beast.

  23. Awesome! I think I'll add this to an off day. I'm currently in phase 2, week 2 of HMAX. Loving that program, especially with the video. Keep being REAL, it's a rarity.

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