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All the best tips you can get that I have learned in the last 400000km. If you can find a better book on cycling tips then I will literally eat my bicycle! Seriously, there is nothing like this ever written that is so updated and simple to understand.

Great Guide on How to Get Into Great Shape

Maintaining good exercise and fitness is an essential part of any healthful lifestyle retaining suit can assist you reside lengthier, look more youthful, and feel better. Memorizing extended physical exercise publications or attempting to follow complicated regimens might be difficult, however the useful ideas in the following paragraphs can help you attain and keep exercise and wellness.

Experiencing poor pose implies that your backbone is not aligned appropriately although the first is standing, sitting or laying. It is crucial to keep up good posture so your muscle groups are operating appropriately rather than causing excessive friction to bone fragments or joint parts. This friction, also referred to as joint disease, might be a distressing problem and quite often debilitating condition.

Bad exercise can be very problematic, though with some operate and some persistence, you will get better at it. It simply requires study and asking your personal doctor where to start and ways to strategy it properly in order to get to your fitness goals. Do a prefer and attempt using the earlier mentioned tips to help to improve your fitness goals.


  1. Hey Bud, I have lost over 70 lbs over the last two years. Much of it is attributed to rekindling my love for cycling. Just so you know, your videos played a huge role in motivating me to start getting fit and keep going. The first video of yours that I watched was the one about why cycling is better than running for weight loss. I have been a fan ever since. Thank you so much for your candid and inspirational videos.

  2. I left the cycling world for 5 year's now that I'm coming back again i have to take my time on riding 15 miles 3 or 4 time a week till i can get up to go further

  3. I fucking love this channel mate, you talk nothing but pure sense when it comes to getting the most out of your efforts on and off the bike.
    I'm new to cycling and I'm at the moment cycling to work on my MTB to lose weight but I'm quickly falling in love with being out on the road and finding myself wanting to go out on a ride just for the fun. I'm thinking of investing in a road bike and joining a local bike club and I find that your channel is very informative and straight to the point with no bullshit also your funny as fuck fella.

  4. savage mate. ur fitness and lifestyle advice is undeniably great lol. live to ride, ride to live! xo

  5. Genuine question here. If you say it's 10 years for a 50 year old, would you say it'd be less time for a 16 year old who's very physically fit since they should theoretically be still developing?

  6. you talk about time, i bought my bike 27 years ago and still ride it most days and it comes as a bloody shock to talk to other cyclists who are bloody younger than my bike! shit i am old.

  7. So true, been riding 4 years now and only just started feeling comfortable with 200k rides still soo much more to gain in fitness.

  8. You take and preach this shit way too seriously, I don't drink but have a healthy diet and exercise every day and have been for many years but I don't ever want to be "training with Contador" fit. Just like being vegan is not normal its just a way over the top type of fitness that seems like it consumes your life. I get it that it is your life but for most of us we dont give a fuck about being tour de France race ready.

  9. Iam getting there on a monza Avanti 11.3kg working to better bike eventually getting stronger for longer🚵🏾 comute from home to work 28km one way 1 to 2 times a week and sometime on weekends.🚴🏿

  10. Bitch – I've been on the bike since 1965. And I still crush it today, at the tender age of 58. I was born and raised in the 2nd hilliest town in the USA…NORTH BERGEN!

  11. Drink enough water until you piss clear but on another video you say you are losing electrolytes so you should not drink so much as to piss clear.So what is it

  12. I knowguy that blitz it in A grade yet drink beers all the time. If you're hardcore you can drink a few beers mate.

  13. I don't understand the goal? Riding IS my goal. I am not racing against anyone. Nobody is faster than a courier through traffic. and i can drink beer without that being affected. find a beer friendly way of being the best.

  14. Outstanding! I am a 61 year old, cycling road 44 years, road-therapy the last 29 from injury, high-carb the last 4, just getting a good idea of the muscle release techniques because awareness was high to attract the healing, Spin on & peace3ed!!!

  15. You teached me a lot. But I think not enough hydration (you mentioned it but very briefly) is the biggest mistake . You may never recover.

  16. rode close to 8k first year (dunno really), second year I rode 17k, now I am on the way to 20k for the third year in a row, full natty addickt

  17. great points Harley 🙂
    Longterm consistent work is the way to improve, huge improvements take YEARS (as you said atleast 5-10years!) and not 1 year.
    Thanks Harley 4 all your true content 🙂

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