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If there was only one exercise you could perform for the rest of your life, that would give the best all round results on your body in terms of fat loss and muscle gain, it would in most cases be the kettlebell swing. The simplicity of the kettlebell swing makes it useful for the large majority of people, and it’s often considered to be the single greatest tool of lifting that has been invented so far.

We see new workout trends come and go every month, claiming that their method is the best ever. However many professional athletes, trainers and scientists all have a similar conclusion – one tool that will bring results like no other is the kettlebell. A centuries old piece of iron with a handle is still the main piece of training equipment if you’re looking to get results effectively and simply. The cannonball-shaped metal piece were first developed by Russian strongmen in the early 1700s as a way to build strength, balance, flexibility and endurance quickly. If you want proof that it works incredibly well, watch Gerard Butlers physique in the movie 300, or Ryan Reynolds in the green lantern. They both used kettlebells to prepare for their roles.

There are many highly respected people in the fitness industry that advocates the kettlebell swing such as Elliott Hulse from Strength camp, Jeff Cavaliere from athlean X and many more. Tim Ferriss also talks about the great benefits of the kettlebell swing in his book the four hour body, where 41 year old Tracy Reifkind who weighed 245 pounds manage to lose a whooping 100 pounds only doing exercises with the kettlebell. She lost 45 of those 100 pounds in the first 12 weeks. She did the russian kettlebell swing twice a week for an average of 15-20 minutes, with her longest session lasting for 35 minutes. She says “If you could only do one movement for the rest of your life, do the kettlebell swing.” Tim states in the book that he agrees with this statement 100 %, and he actually have had great results with it himself.

The American council on exercise published a study on the effects kettlebell workouts has on the body, and they can provide one hell of a workout. Based on comparisons with data from previous research on standard weight training, the heart rate and oxygen consumption responses during the kettlebell snatch routine suggest it provides a much higher-intensity workout than standard weight-training routines. Furthermore, the kettlebell snatch workout easily meets industry recommendations for improving aerobic capacity.

Chad Schnettler states that “it is good news for people who are looking for a very good resistance-training workout that will also help them lose weight.” “For people who might not have a lot of time, and need to get in a good workout as quickly as possible, kettlebells definitely provide that.”

If you’re sick of switching up workout routines and combining weird cardio exercise with weightlifting, give the good’ol kettlebell swing a go. You will achieve great results with minimum time spent if you do it correctly. I will link the studies along with the four hour body in the description. I hope you enjoyed this video, leave a like if you did. Leave a dislike if you thought it was shit.


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Out of Shape? Try These Ideas and Start Slimming Down

Getting into design doesn’t ought to imply a lot of time of grueling workouts in the club. This information will cover a couple of approaches that will help you get fit at home or in the club.

Among the finest security procedures that you could get in case you are into raising, is usually to shield your the neck and throat. The neck and throat traumas can set you back a little while and might have disastrous results in your efficiency. When raising, do not go crazy, to be able to continue to be as healthy as you can.

Poor exercise can be very problematic, although with some job and a few determination, you will get far better at it. It simply will take study and asking your physician where to start and ways to approach it securely so you can achieve your workout goals. Do your love and check out utilizing the over ways to improve your workout goals.


  1. I REALLY ENJOY the way you explain thing….TO THE POINT with FACTS!….AWESOME!…Thats why your Subscribe numbers have been going up!!!….Keep it coming!!!……PRIMED is GREAT!

  2. I bought the simple&sinister-book of Pavel Tsatsouline last year and after that the kettlebells with the appropriate weight.
    The problem is, that the handle of my 40kg kettlebell is so narrow that I can't swing it properly with two hands, I think i injured my finger joints, grabbing it with 3 fingers of each hand only.
    Now I'm using only one hand, alternating between sets and do 10x 10 Russian swings, 5 sets each side.
    I have the feeling of having very loose ligaments or something, now sometimes on the point of return between the legs it feels as if my wrist is pulled and stretched and flips back into position.
    Any advice?

  3. Kettlebell swings are great, but if you want to be well rounded you have to add other movements. I like doing pyramids 1-5 5-1 with a combination of moves such as swing, clean, snatch, push press/strict press, front squat, alternating lunge, floor press renegade row. Typical warmups would be Turkish getups, halos, round the world ect.

  4. I don't know man, the full ROM burpee might be up there if not a better alternative as single exercise with the most bang for your buck…I've done both kettle bell swings and burpees till the cows come home and nothing gets me in top shape like the burpee…Truly a full body workout, I've always thought of kettle bell swing as a supplemental exercise…

  5. The single best exercise for men is sexual intercourse (it uses the same muscle groups as kettle bell swings without any expensive equipment). For women it is of course giving birth (they can lose 10 pounds of non-water weight in a single day!)

  6. You could do much of the excercise's shown with dumbells to avoid the cost. As for the calories burned I would take the claims made here a bit of a stretch. If you could run for an hour at sprint speed you would only burn about 600 calories. Anyone looking to lose weight will get more bang for the buck by reducing your calorie intake.

  7. Hi Primed, Thanks for your video – simple, short, and motivating!  A lot off commenters not seeing your question mark at the end of your title!  Anyway, perhaps you should go for 'The Kettlebell Swing – Bloody Good Exercise?'

  8. "Losing 45lbs in 12 weeks by swinging kettlebells for 15-20mins twice a week! What utter nonsense. Do the maths. There are 3,500 cals in 1 lb of fat. 157,500 in 45lbs. 30-40 mins of kettle bell swing would burn 400 cals tops per week / 4,800 in 12 weeks. This leaves 152,700 short. We could attribute 1-2 lb to the kettlebells tops. Why does everyone want to believe there is a magic bullet. Losing weight is slow and requires primarily dietary discipline. Pinning your hopes on exercise is a waste of time. I say this as someone who has exercised for an hour a day over decades. My top three training tips are …

    1) a workout does not entitle you to a treat.

    2) a workout does not entitle you to a treat.

    3) a workout does not entitle you to a treat.

  9. One of the best exercises ever, competing with the deadlift.  I use my personal set of kettlebells every week. I first learned about them when I went into the military.Just like with the deadlift, make sure you do it right or you WILL pay the price.  AND, if you do perform the movements correctly, be prepared to become a superhuman/.

  10. I'm "liking" and "subscribing" because you asked for a "like" OR a "dislike." I liked that. Then you had some hate in the comments and you pinned it to the top. Zero f*cks given. That's my type of guy! No homo.

  11. Steve Reeves used to use this exercise with a dumbell as a warm up for his workouts. Old school stuff that gets the blood pumping and loosens the hips and shoulders.

  12. Liked the video thanks. I'm intrigued enough to do some further research. But I am thinking that I'll add it to my workout routine.

  13. Absolutely no real evidence to support the claim that Kettle bell supremacy just a collection anecdotal unsupported marketing bullet points. Such bullshit what is he selling.


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