The key to flat abs is striking a balance between diet and exercise.
That’s according to celebrity fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins.
The founder and president of The Hollywood Trainer Club says “if you are eating 2,000, 3000 calories a day but you’re doing like a kick-butt 1,000 calorie workout, you are still not going to have that calorie negative.”
Jenkins, who has worked with stars such as Pink, Alicia Keys, Amber Rose, Camilla Alves and Serena Williams, reckons an average sized woman usually has to “stick to somewhere between 1200 to 1500 calories a day for weight loss and even just for everyday life. If you are eating more than 1500 calories a day, chances are you’re going to gain weight.”
“The average meal size should be for an average woman between three to five hundred calories,” says Jenkins.
Once your correct calorie intake has been worked out, Jenkins says it’s not just about cardio exercises, “you should still train those core muscles in specific core exercises.
“Just think logically. How much of your core are you using when you sit on a recumbent bike and cycle? Not too many. Versus when you are up and either hiking, or hill climbing or running or sprinting. You are getting a lot more core rotation and movement in there. Or standing up right on a stair stepper versus leaning on it. So all you people who lean on the machines at the gym, you are no longer using your abs and you are doing yourself a disservice.”
Jenkins is one of Hollywood’s most sought after health and fitness experts with over 25 years’ experience.
The Hollywood Trainer DVD Collection includes 18 different titles with various full-body exercise videos.

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Excellent Write-up With Many Different Great Tips About Exercise

It really is time and energy to take your daily life within your hands and wrists and take action relating to your weight. Diets are hard and may not really function. A good thing to complete is exercising, plus a generally much healthier way of living. You could potentially lose weight and become far more at simple together with your body. Here are some tips that will help.

Dress straight to stay fit. Clothing includes a immediate affect on our exercising psyche. Not just should you really opt for proper clothes for working out. You ought to ensure the garments you will be using inside your every day duties aren’t a deterrent in your obtaining a short while of exercising occasionally. If they aren’t suitable for even reasonable exercising like wandering rounds in the mall then maybe you ought to reconsider your selection.

As we discussed, becoming in shape is easy to combine to your regimen. Take the very first methods and begin your healthful way of living physical fitness routine right now. The benefits is going to be your own property forever and the men and women you understand are guaranteed to spot the big difference inside your physical appearance and perspective.


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