Todays workout will be a set amount of repetitions in an exercise followed by a tabata set. You will do 20 seconds for each of the three exercises. You will do it two times through before moving on to the next exercise

1. Plies Squat (Heavy weight in Right Hand/Light weight in Left). Hold at shoulders. Turn to Right for a lunge, and Press right hand over head while pressing left across chest 10x
(20/20/20 – Runners Stomp L. / Drop knee to floor & Glute Raise/Jump Lunge)

2. Plies Squat (Heavy Weight in Left hand/light weight in right hand) Hold at shoulders. Turn to left for lunge and press left hand over head and right across chest 10x
(20/20/20 – Runners stomp right/Drop knee to floor & glute raise/jump lunge)

3. Burpee w/Push-up to Plies Jump Squat 10x
(20/20/20 – Arnold Press/Shoulder Press palms back/shoulder press)

4. Hop into Plank on Dumbbells/Push-up turn to left side & do a plank knee tuck with elbow crunch. Hop feet in (hold) 2 Bicep curls to shoulder press 10x
(20/20/20 – V-Up right/V-up front/V-up Left)

5. Hop into plank on dumbbells/push-up/turn to right side and do a knee tuck with elbow crunch. Hop feet in (hold) 2 bicep curls to shoulder press 10x
(20/20/20 – Bicep Curl/Hammer Curl/Curl & turn palms to lower to thighs)

6. (Alternate) Side Lunge (bag to front foot)/Reverse Cross Over lunge (bag to front foot)/Reverse lunge (bag to outside of front knee) clean to squat with overhead press and twist to same side. 10x
(20/20/20 – Goblet Squat/Jump Squat/Pendulums)

7. Burpee w/Bent Knee Sumo Squat 10x
(20/20/20 – Stability Ball Pike/Kneeling Roll out/Hand off)

8. Alternate Side Lunge to wide squat 10x
(20/20/20 – Side Lunge Right to kick front/Side lunge left to kick front/Side jump lunges)

Ab Bonus: 10x Each Exercise (3 rounds)
1. Right Leg on BOSU – Glute Raise with Left Leg in Air & Reach Right Arm to Left Leg
2. Hold in Bridge with Left Leg Out – Lower & Raise Left Leg
3. Hold in Bridge with Right Leg Out – Lower & Raise Right Leg
(Repeat everything on Right side)
4. Legs Over BOSU – Competition Sit-up Reach hands past feet


Get In Shape With the Help of These Ideas

For many individuals, getting into good shape may seem like an impossible task. It requires time and endurance and doesn’t seem to be everything that exciting. Even so, together with the right exercise prepare, personalized to what to do and everything you get enjoyable, getting into good shape and keeping yourself fit can be quite a life time activity. Pursuing are a couple of suggestions to get into the golf swing of issues.

A fantastic hint to acquire in good physical shape is to take the steps wherever you go. Going up the steps is one of the greatest exercise routines you can do to get in shape. The next time you’re on the local mall or department store, take the steps as opposed to the escalator or escalator.

If you would like improve your physical fitness, keep in mind, it is up to you! Suggestions like the ones presented on this page might be able to allow you to and in many cases motivate you, but the effort could only be done by you. Try to use the following tips, specially on times when you are experiencing a lttle bit less productive.