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Carb The Fuck Up Lifestyle and Dietary Guide

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All the best tips you can get that I have learned in the last 400000km. If you can find a better book on cycling tips then I will literally eat my bicycle! Seriously, there is nothing like this ever written that is so updated and simple to understand.

Find Fitness With the Help of These Ideas

To have the most out of your fitness program and diet program, you have to have the correct information and facts to help make the most effective choices it is possible to for yourself. Listed below are a lot of ideas on how you can get into the finest design in your life and stay doing this.

Eradicate interruptions at the gym without exception if you want to increase your results. Conversing at the gym can spend time and energy, which is not productive. Commit all your time centering on your program and what you must do to have the results that you lay out for.

Consequently, the following tips demonstrate that returning fit is not as difficult you might feel. It merely requires some time, dedication, job, and patience. These are generally crucial features not only for exercising, however for daily life at the same time. Whenever you can achieve success at raising a child, simply being wedded, as well as at your job, there is no reason at all why you can’t achieve success together with your fitness goals. So get out there and get it done!


  1. Harley I love your videos, I have a question… Why is it that when I have only sugar like sodas, juices and sweets I feel so weak and jittery until I eat some foods like rice, bread and starchy vegetables. I weigh 60kg and am respectably lean.

  2. Spot on identifying insulin as a weight gain hormone. It the most important factor in weight gain and the reason carbs are so fattening. Ethical reasons aside, how can you continue to promote a high carb diet?

  3. get your ass over to the UK and hit some of the hills over here. Pro tour riders said the riding over here was too hard for racing LOL

  4. It's so true. I am someone who has dabbled with steroids in the past. I have always been really lean with a super fast metabolism. I could eat 4000 calories a day consistently and weight train and still couldn't gain much fat or muscle. Started injecting test and got huge fast. My diet remained the same and my training actually got worse as I was busy hooking up with women more because they love juice heads haha. Big muscles do not come from protein, diet or even exercise. Hormones are the most important factor

  5. Harley. What do you think about T3 thyroid medication for us who have a underactive thyroid. Been on T4 for ages, but antidepressants fuck with your T3 i have heard.

  6. DNP (Dinitrophenol) is a drug bodybuilders use to lose weight (while sleeping I might add). If it doesn't kill you, you will see awesome results.

  7. This is fucking crazy! I woke up in the middle of the night, and forgot I had taken a cortisol test. I just woke up, found the results, and see that over the last year my cortisol profile is finally within normal specs. Then I open this video. Not only that, but yesterday I got the notion to move to Thailand. I'm really sick of living in the USA. I have a close friend who used to be an engineer for Bontraeger and Trek who started Praxxis in Taiwan, where he lived for like ten years. This video must be telepathic.

  8. Broh, what the hell. I un-subscribed from your main channel bc of all the drama and bullshit and talking shit about other Vegans. I stayed with this channel for the CYCLING TIPS. Maybe you uploaded this to the wrong account by accident. If i wanted to hear you bash VG or rehash old drama then i could watch your main channel. Exactly what about this video had to do with cycling?

  9. I don't know why you get so many haters man all you speak is truth and your physique matches what you preach.

  10. You don't need steroids to lose weight just do a fast a week fast would be good and you wouldn't lose much muscle but most of your fat and after that first meal youll be g2g

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