Hey youtube friends! I hope this video helps dispel some myths on how to get abs and helps you on your way if you wanted to see your abs pop this summer (: Like I mention in the video, abs, no abs, everything is fine but a lot of you have asked me about this so I thought I’d make a video on it (:

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Some Good Guidance For Getting Match This Coming Year

Maintaining your physical fitness as you age is important to lifestyle an extended wholesome daily life. As your system ages, your bone turn out to be weakened, making them much more at risk of pauses. Maintaining match will help to help keep your bone solid, and your system can overcome injuries faster. This post will present you with some very nice ideas for preserving your physical fitness into your glowing years.

If you are continue to lacking your fitness goals, allow yourself a assurance increase on your own pursuit to get fit: buy a new clothes product to work through in. Even if you just acquire one part of the workout clothing, it will still be an excellent motivator to help you get to the gym.

If you wish to change your physical fitness, recall, it is perfectly up to you! Recommendations like the kinds given in the following paragraphs just might enable you to as well as inspire you, however the effort is only able to be done by you. Try to use these pointers, especially on times if you are feeling a little less energetic.


  1. I admire your strength because I'm much more of a cardio/ ballet beautiful kind of person. I loved the 'Ok Natasha, time to step it up' 💕

  2. I love your vids, although I am new I just had a binge watch session of your vids!! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. I love that you include so much science and actual proven fact in your videos and as a part of your tips! It makes it so much more helpful to actually be able to understand why the different exercises work the way they do! Great video as always <33

  4. I liked the voiceover rather than you just sitting at a desk : visual information is good 🙂 Also, I liked the fact that you included scientific studies ! And I LOVE your shoes !

  5. Super helpful & informative. Gave me great insight into understating of abdominals and the myths surrounding the growth, maintenance, & strengthening of them!

  6. Love your videos.  Fun and informative!  Question for you…………how do you determine your calories and macros for a day?  Thanks much, Lori from Phoenix, AZ

  7. What do you think about crossfit? Some people are 'against' it cuz they say it causes injuries etc. I was wondering what you think about it 🙂

  8. Do you write out your workouts before your session? I find that writing my workouts down the night before makes me dread it!

  9. girl your body and attitude is goals!! can you please advise if you ever faced any issues with your menstruation while training and cutting (missed period etc)?

  10. This video is awesome, so much hardwork you had put in it!! Love all the readings you put up there… 🙂

  11. as a phd student myself, and a professor, i really appreciate your use of reputable and peer-reviewed science to back up your claims, especially since you actually show us the studies, and provide ways for us to access them. it can be hard in the fitness world to sort the junk claims from the factual evidence-based claims.

  12. Your abs look amazing, but other than booty my obsession is defined arms with veins! The one you have on your shoulder…wish I had that. Honestly, if there is a secret to achieving those chiseled arms, please share😀.

  13. Very informative video :D. Out of interest, is there a set and rep range that is best for weight loss? Or is it just a case of going down the building muscle route?

  14. Be a really cool idea to see how weight training differs depending whether you're male or female. Or if it matters at all? Genetics vs hard work? Something along them lines. Would be really interesting!! Amazing video xxx

  15. I love the type of this video, it is probably the best one you ever did 😊 I am familiar with those myths and it's kinda sad that they're not true 😁 Well, this video helped me a lot, thanx for making it 😉 I always feel like my stomach is hard when I touch it, but I can't see 6pack actually, I never knew that it can be because of the layers! So helpful and mindful, you are awesome as always ^^ Love you xx

  16. i think it's great that you quoted scientific studies adressing the topic!! i always look for stuff like that, but sometimes it's hard to find or research simply doesn't exist yet…so thank you for presenting the issue in a scientific way, that way we can all learn something while enjoying youtube videos 🙂

  17. Hi Natacha! Would you consider doing a video explaining how you set up your squat workouts? I'm new to power lifting, and I'm just so confused as to how many warm up set/reps to do vs working sets, etc. Thanks!

  18. hey hw r u?? can u plzz upload a meal plan when traveling specially flight time 😊😇

  19. Seriously, your videos are the only ones really useful on youtube and understandable and not overwhelming! Thank you!

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