Is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) really better than Steady State Cardio for burning more fat in a shorter period of time??

The foundation for this idea is that HIIT training burns more calories after your workout (EPOC). In this video we talk about this “afterburn” concept, and put some numbers to it, to see if it actually live up to the hype.

In bodybuilding and physique competitions the ultimate goal is to maintain lean muscle while simultaneously chipping away at body fat. If HIIT is a superior way to burn fat then why is it that elite bodybuilders continue to rely on Steady State cardio to get ultra lean? Check out the video to find out…..

If you’d like to learn more about HIIT vs State Cardio please make sure to check Lyle McDonald, a fitness expert and author, who shares similar views on this subject.

-James Grage
The Muscle Geek

Fitness Tips That Are Great

It is actually time to acquire your way of life in your own palms and take steps relating to your excess weight. Diets are difficult and may also not even function. A good thing to do is physical exercise, along with a normally much healthier way of life. You could potentially slim down and become a lot more at straightforward together with your system. Here are some ideas which will help.

When you are strolling on a treadmill for physical exercise, try not to keep on the side rails. You can touch them for harmony but you should not must keep on when strolling or operating. If you absolutely have to support on, you may want to look at decreasing the power levels as it can be a lot of.

Staying match can be challenging till you get into the habit of smoking of hitting the gym, but when you stick to it you will certainly be rewarded with a nice looking system. With a little luck you now have some good health and fitness tips and therefore are eager to utilize them to the next play the block or trip to a health club.