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Sciatic nerve pain is one of the most common sources of discomfort, especially in men over 40 that lift weights. The reason why this is so common is that we do too many things that put us in position to suffer from sciatica in the first place, and then we don’t know how to fix sciatica once we have it. In this video, I’m going to show you why foam rolling and smashing the piriformis muscle with a lacrosse ball is the worst thing you can do to fix sciatica.

To start, it is important to differentiate true sciatic nerve pain from something that looks like sciatic nerve pain. If the source of your pain is from a bulging or herniated lumbar disk, then the stretches shown in this video are not going to fix your problem. In fact, you will want to make an appointment to be seen by a licensed physical therapist to help you treat your disc herniation another way.

On the other hand, if your sciatic nerve like symptoms are arising from the compression of the sciatic nerve from a tight piriformis, then you will want to pay close attention to what I am showing you here. Firstly, the nerve itself can get compressed by having a tight piriformis muscle. Because this muscle lies directly over the nerve as it exists the pelvis, there is a tendency for this muscle to compress the structure when it is tight.

Lately, we have been told by many that the best way to fix a tight muscle is to not stretch it but rather foam roll it or use a lacrosse ball on it to smash it. In this case, that is the worst advice you can be given. The lack of tissue thickness in this region (made worse by having weak or underdeveloped glutes) leads to a high probability that while attempting to ease the tension in the piriformis that you will be further compressing the nerve itself and causing more pain.

Even a foam roller does not adequately fix this problem since you will still be compressing the area, albeit with the force dispersed a little bit more evenly across the muscle than with the lacrosse ball. Either way, the treatment approach is not correct.

The best way to fix your sciatic nerve pain is to gently stretch the piriformis, but to make sure and do it consistently! 3-4 times per day for 5-6 days a week is a great start. Hold each stretch for 45 seconds to a minutes and make sure not to round your lower back in order to keep the focus on your hips. Place the tight hip in front of you with your knee and hip bent to 90 degrees and lean forward without losing the slight arch in your lower back.

You should feel an incredible relief without ever having to start cranking on the stretch or bearing through much discomfort when doing. It’s the same approach of doing the most you can do without doing more than your body can recover from, that has the ATHLEAN-X Training System creating loyal followers and great results every day. You can get the program at http://athleanx.com and start training like an athlete now.

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Advice to Follow to Get Fit

As you get more mature it is very important to keep an effective fitness level. In this article we will show you diverse ways in which you can keep on your own in good shape. Implement the next tips on exercise in your every single day daily life, in order you era, you are able to better adapt to the modifications in your body.

Workout emits fantastic bodily hormones in your body referred to as hormones, so make an effort and savor them. Give yourself a few momemts right after a figure out, only to chill out and relish the sensation of the hormones working by your body. This is a optimistic opinions for you that may help keep you returning for much more daily.

If you want to make positive changes to exercise, keep in mind, it is perfectly up to you! Tips much like the versions given in this post could possibly enable you to and in many cases inspire you, but the effort could only be carried out by you. Try to use the following tips, particularly on days and nights when you are sensing a bit much less lively.


  1. Ok, this is pretty amazing that this particular video of his popped up when it did, because I'm having problems with that nerve issue at this exact moment.

  2. So, do yoga y'all! Pigeon is one of the greatest stretches I give my pregnant ladies as both a birth doula and a PTA! Thanks, Jeff!

  3. Sooo when do we use foam roller and that ball? Should I not use foam roller when my lower back hurts then? I am a little confused..

  4. I am (was I guess) a distance runner for about 5 years and it honestly has saved me both mentally and physically . in so many ways. Almost a year ago, I began to have numbness in my right leg that, over time got worse and worse to the point that at one point I couldnt even walk. Of course, this lead to my knee also getting impacted so I not get pain there as well. It's been almost a year now of doctors and more doctors and chiropractors and physical therapy and absolutely nothing has helped me. I do exercises to strengthen my hip abductors to try and stabilize my knees a little bit better and am starting to really buckle down on core work like planks because I know that helps with body alignment overall. I want to run again more than anything, but the second I hit the five mile mark, my leg locks up and starts getting pins and needles and then numbness. I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing here in my trying to treat it (I do that stretch daily). Sorry this is so long and I'm not even sure what I'm asking here..But if you read this, I would really appreciate your input on any other routes I should go as far as healing myself because I'm feeling a bit hopeless at this point. I'm only 21 and want to run marathons some day and it's feeling like that's not going to happen. Woah. Okay, melodramatic post/question is done. Anyway, thank you for the scientific approach you take. I study exercise science and my favorite this is when all the claims that I'm hearing can be backed and then physically shown in the way that you do with the skeletons.

  5. 2cnd time I ''injure'' myself in 2 weeks but Jeff saves the day again! I swear, having a coach that can also fix you up is a great perk!

  6. Jeff, this stretch changed my game. I was struggling with pain him my hip and down my thigh when I sat for more than 10 minutes. Doing this stretch regularly has cleared that up completely. Thank you so much. I make this a regular part of my day.

  7. I have leg numbness and heal pain… all believed to be related to herniated discs between L4-L5 and L5-S1. Is there anything that can be done, other than back injections? I've had the first set, and it didn't seem to work, so before I subject myself to another round of those, just like to get thoughts? Thanks,

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