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What’s up YouTube fam in this video I show you 15 lower body band exercises. Keep scrolling to screenshot the exercises below. Thank you all so much for your support! (remember to follow me on Instagram)

[SCREEN SHOT] – remember you can “pulse” w/these exercises
1, Standing hamstring Curl
2. Hip raises
3. Deadlifts
4. Clam-shells
5. One-legged hip raise
6. Lying leg press
7. Squats
8. Standing kickbacks
9. Standing Hip Abductors
10. Band walks
11. Lying kickbacks (leg straightened)
12. Prone Leg crossovers
13. Lying Hip abductors
14. Plank kickbacks (tummy and booty)
15. Doggy kicks

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  3. Awesome video, Kim! You're doing a great thing by making these video and bettering the lives of others – keep it up!

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  6. great workout and break down..really enjoy videos like this that shows people if you really want it you can put the work in at home or where ever..not everyone needs a gym!! good shit Kim

  7. Nice variety of workouts Kim. I'm for sure showing this to some of my female friends, when they ask me to show them something that they never done before.

  8. That music was awesome. The workout is really amazing too i'm going to share this with my girl friends since they asked me how to use bands. Keep it up Kim

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  10. These are all great exercises! I really need to do exercises like this because my glute activation sucks! Great job Kim!

  11. Loved it! And when I saw you do those band deadlifts I immediately went and grabbed my band and did them! I love finding new moves! Very informative!💪🏻😊👏🏼


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