Top 10 BEST Workouts that Target FAT

Looking for some fat burning workouts? We got you! We’ve counted the calories, did our research and we present you our list for Top 10 Fat Burning workouts! We’ve included swimming, boxing, hot yoga, Jumping rope, zumba, pumping iron, Biking/spinning, Pole Fitness, Circuit Training, Hula Hopping and rowing! There’s something for everyone. Don’t think you’re fit enough to give any of these a try? Don’t anyone intimidate you. There are modifications available for each of these workouts.

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Getting in Shape One Step at a Time

Many individuals think that they understand all they must learn about keeping them selves in top shape, but you could learn something totally new that will kick your fitness regimen up a level or two. The efficient recommendations located on this page can assist you do this, commencing nowadays.

Don’t cease working out simply because it’s winter season. When the weather conditions turns frosty, layer your workout clothing and lose it as required, or discover a method to obtain your physical exercise in the house. Numerous routines can be accomplished in your own living area, for example working set up, calisthenics, extending and ab crunches. Don’t at any time take advantage of the season or the weather conditions for an justification never to work out.

Your level of fitness is determined by the level of operate you place into it and exactly how very much you will make these selections an element of your daily life. Should you put these concepts and guidelines to very good use, you will discover on your own sensation and seeking better before you know it.


  1. I've decided to begin working out this week and Ms Mojo got my back when I need it 🙌🏿

  2. weight lifting burns calories up to 24 hours after you are done…it is a killer workout

  3. when i saw pole dancing, i thought of Markiplier and his pole dancing videos. oh i'm the only one? ok then…

  4. I call bullshit on the top spot. I didn't lose any weight pole dancing and I did it 5 nights a week. I guess anything is a work out if you're fat to start with.

  5. I think that putting this kind of Top 10s into the MsMojo channel is really sexist.
    I mean, I don't even see WHY your chain should be gendered, but even if it is, you should use it to make lists about famous women etc, and not telling us one more time about how we should be thinner.

  6. A one-hour zumba workout can result in over 500 calories burned??? that is what you burn in a 10 k run! that would be true only if you do 2 hours maybe or if you weigh 100+ kg (200+ lbs)

  7. I been doing pole dancing for 4 years. I can tell you it is NOT a good exercise to burn fat. If you only do pole without changing your diet and add cardio exercise on top of it, it will NOT help you slim down. It helps with building shoulder, back and arm muscles. What will end up happening is that you will bulk up upper body muscles underneath your fat. Unless you do pole aggressively, I would not recommend it to people who want to efficiently burn fat.

  8. I watch and do the workouts to half of the people on this list. However I should also get myself a jump rope, and hula hoop.

  9. Top 10 foods that help during work outs would be nice cause ive been working out for the past 5 days and only lost 2lbs i think i consume too much calories please help

  10. Dear MsMojo, while you are at the topic 'workouts', can you also recommend best exercise youtube channel please? Maybe different ones for yoga, cardio, pilates etc..Cheers !

  11. To target fat properly, you need to engage your whole body and get that blood pumping. Keep your heart rate up, and work till your sweating. Don't stop once you just feel the burn, instead embrace it and hold it for a while. Then your body will thank you when you look in the mirror. I mean, in my experience, anyway. 😛

    Edit: Also diet…don't you dare celebrate with pizza or ice cream if you are trying to lose weight. Eat right, darn you! Also, eat less. Less calories means your body will adapt to that new daily caloric intake, which in turn causes a whole lot of change in your body. Don't take this dummy's word for it, go research it. Google is right up there at the top.

  12. Best Fitness Advice? Cut ALL Sugar from your diet!!! All of it. Also watch the other Carbs. But if you want to lose weight do a LCHF diet and when you exercise lift weights, do squats, chest presses, etc. I've done this and lost 4 inches around my waist in 2 months.

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