I’ve dug through all the rubbish on the internet to find the best ways to lose fat quickly and efficiently. I combined them with my personal fat burning tips to bring you the top 10 easiest ways to lose fat – ranked

you need to watch this if your wondering how to make weight loss easy and simple.
Top 10 best Easy ways to lose fat, RANKED. New! (How to lose fat easily: For men and woman)
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So you’re wondering how to lose a lot of weight quickly or how to lose fat more specifically. You don’t need to starve yourself. You don’t need to fun 10 miles a day. You don’t need fat burning supplements. All you need is a BASIC understanding about how YOUR body works. These are easy and simple ways to lose weight without dieting.

There are fast and easy ways to drop weight.
If your not happy with the way you look, Don’t blame your genetics. Just DECIDE that you want to change and you WILL. This is for men and for woman. See these easiest way to lose weight
For men and for woman
I ranked them according to effectiveness, and how easy they are. Starting from the bottom, and saving the best for last.  
1) Eat a calorie deficit. by doing this, you can lose weight without exercise.
a. I know this might be obvious to YOU but for some people its not. You need to Burn more calories than you take in
b. Keep yourself full by drinking a glass of water before every meal, and by choosing foods that keep you fuller for longer. Simple swaps like potato for sweet potato can make a huge difference. – checkout the link in the description to see low calorie foods that keep you full
c. Another way to eat less is by tricking your brain. But we will get to that jedi mind trick in a bit.
2) Standing
a. That’s right, all you have to do is stand for 1 hour a day to burn 100 calories
b. You will lose a Half a kg a month just by standing!
3) Exercise
a. But exercise; in the morning
b. Exercising before breakfast can be twice as effective than as later in the day
c. Even just 20 minutes of light jogging can help you lose a kilogram every month.
easiest ways to lose fat are simple.
4) Eat more protein and less fat
a. Each gram of FAT contains 9 calories, while protein and carbs contain only 4 calories.
b. Here are couple examples, to show you how big of an impact this can have
i. 15g peanut butter has the same amount of calories as 100 grams of hake!
ii. 15g olive oil contains as many calories as 170 grams of potato!
iii. 1 avocado has as many calories as 7 cucumbers! That’s crazy
5) Drinking green tea
a. Green tea increases your metabolic rate, so your body processes food faster. Drink a few cups a day and you can expect to lose a kg every 3 months.
6) Drinking water
a. As I mentioned, water before a meal can help you eat less. But, water helps you lose weight in other ways too.
b. Drink ice Cold water first thing in the morning. It’s the ultimate way to jump start your metabolism.
c. Another way water helps you lose weight, is by losing water weight. More water in equals more water out. If you want to see more about how this works, click on the link at the end of this video.
7) Drinking coke 0 instead of normal coke
a. You can drink as much as you want. Zero sugar sodas are ALMOST calorie free
b. Let’s say you drink 1 glass of coke a day. Then, you start drinking coke 0. You will lose 7 kgs per year!
c. This is such an easy swap to make with huge weight loss benefits. Definitely going in my book of easy fat loss methods.
8) Trick your brain
a. Okay so here’s the Jedi mind trick: Eat off of a smaller plate.
b. Eating off a smaller plate makes a normal serving seem more filling
c. Research shows you can burn 8 kg’s every year by changing from a 12” plate to a 10”
d. Don’t go to small though: When your plate is below 9”s your brain begins to realize that its being tricked, causing you to go back for seconds and even thirds!
e. Yes this applies for bowls too!

9) Walking
a. You can burn fat quickly and easily just by walking. Every 20 steps burns a calorie. So by walking the recommended 10 000 steps a day, you can lose half a kg every WEEK.
10) Eat cheat meals!
a. I told you I saved the best for last
b. Eating cheat meals helps lose weight, how awesome is that. This is because
c. Fat loss is not linear. Eventually, you will hit a plateau. As you lose fat, your metabolism slows down, causing you to burn less calories.
d. This is when you eat that burger. The calorie hike gets your metabolism up and firing again, ready to burn more calories and more fat.
e. The bonus here is that it also gives you something to work towards. A delicious goal for all your hard work

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  1. Awesome my buddy. I have 2 questions.

    1. What is your take on Intermittent Fasting? I've heard fasting 20hrs and then eating all your calories in a 4 hr window is great for lowering your insulin spikes (fat creating hormone) and to kinda keep "full" to up your fat intake as it's more calorie dense.

    2. What is your take on working at a desk? Ever heard of that "desk belly"? Dunno, you know me… any thoughts as I struggle with that lower abdomen ring of fat?

    Thanks dude and keep these amazing vids coming 🙂

  2. This is absolutely brilliantly, some notes taken!
    I just have one question what if you have a natural high metabolism and you body is cutting down the proteins faster in your body than average…. Do you take in more protein per day so I can maintain a bit of size as well?


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