Watch this to learn about the top 5 fat burning exercises to lose belly fat fast. These exercises are the best for a workout for weight loss & cutting for both men and women.
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A very common question that I’m asked all the time is which exercises are best to burn fat. Now here’s the thing there is no exercise on the face of the planet that will help you burn fat if you don’t have the nutrition side of things covered. What I mean by that is if you’re eating habits are terrible it doesn’t matter how much you exercise you won’t be burning fat. Now as long as you have a proper diet plan in place fat loss can occur a lot faster and you can end up with a much better body composition if you’re choosing your exercises correctly. Most people when they want to burn fat they immediately associate fat loss with cardio. “But cardio is for fat loss and weights are for building muscle right?” Nooo…wrong. Weights are more efficient for both building muscle and burning fat. And over the last couple years ive fallen in love with cardio so I’m not just a meathead that’s like…”never do cardio.” But what I am telling you is that if you want your body to look best… if you want the Aesthetics.. . Then going with weighted exercises is going to be your best bet. Cardio is still very important for your well-being and to keep your heart strong. So definitely incorporate one or two cardio sessions a week. And by the way you can do cardio with weights I actually have a video about…morrre cardio based fat-burning exercises that are done with weights, and I’ll include a link in the description for that video. But the exercises that I go over today are all going to be way more effective for fat loss if we make sure to go heavy. You can structure your plan by doing these heavy weight training exercises at least 2 times a week and throw in the exercises from the other fat burning video in the link below once a week. The exercises in this video are not meant to be done back to back. Here we’re going to do a set and take a break for about three full minutes before the next set. The only way this program works is if you go heavy…so be sure to go heavy enough to where you definetly can’t do more than 8 to 10 reps. I know this is not your typical fat loss type of exercise program.

The first exercise is the barbell clean and press. Make sure that when you’re doing this one you are doing it in an explosive Manor. Otherwise it’s going to turn into a barbell curl and press. In this exercise we want to make sure that we pop our elbows up high when we come up with the bar and snap the elbows under the bar as it comes up. Then driving with your legs you want to press over your head.
The second exercise is the barbell squat. again this will only work if you go heavy. Try to get the barbell on your upper back not on your neck and squat all the way down. Try to get at least to 90 degrees when performing the squat. If you are trying to build up your glutes you definitely have to make sure you get low. Make sure that when you’re doing this exercise you keep your chest pointed straight out in front of you to avoid a back injury.
Next we got the deadlift. With the deadlift we want to make sure that we keep our core nice and tight and again go heavy. Here we want to get a nice stretch in the back of the leg and the glutes when we come down. So I want this done with the knees slightly bent but make sure that you don’t end up doing a squat instead of a deadlift. So that means don’t bend your knees anymore then you have to to get the bar down to the midway point on your shins. Once again keep your chest up and out and make sure you’re feeling a stretch in the back of your legs more specifically your hamstrings and your glutes.
Next we got the weighted burpee curl and press. I don’t care what kind of Weights you use whether it’s dumbbells, a barbell, a keg, a medicine ball it doesn’t matter just make sure it’s heavy. So you’re going to put the weights on the ground jump your feet out do a push-up jump your feet back in and curl and press the weight over your head. With the burpee exercise you have to go heavy to earn a three minute break. If you’re not going to go heavy then you better be going more frequently with less rest.
And last up on the list is a barbell or dumbbell snatch. With this exercise you want to pretend that there’s a wall.

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Locating your objective heartrate will make your exercises more potent. The objective heartrate will be the heartrate where your system is employing one of the most oxygen, and therefore getting rid of one of the most calorie consumption. Preferably your objective rate is roughly 60 percent of your highest price. You can obtain a rough calculations of your highest heartrate by subtracting your real age in the number 220.

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