Christmas can take its toll on you. These weight loss tips help you get back on track!

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Simon and Matt explain some simple ways to help shed some weight so you can get back to your ultimate cycling body after the roast turkey with all the trimmings!

From eating whilst riding to riding twice in a day, we cover some very useful weight loss tips. You can even reward yourself.

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New Ideas for Getting Into the Best Shape Ever

Exercise ought to an essential part of anyone’s daily life. It can wonders for you, keeping it healthy, and supplying you with far more vitality. Yet many individuals struggle to get some exercise regularly with their stressful timetable. This article consists of useful, easy recommendations for you to figure out how to exercise efficiently in a small amount of time.

You will get the utmost back again workout by doing all of your lat pulldowns and pullups correctly. Because of this as opposed to covering your thumb around the club in your traction, place it on top beside your index finger. What this does is reduce your arm’s engagement which means your back again reaps the benefits of the need to keep working harder.

Though becoming match and living a healthy way of life can be hard, they may occasionally even be exciting. Placed a few of the tips you learn about right here to great utilization in your fitness program. Make fitness as a good deal of everyday to-do as showering and laundry. If you force to exercise more difficult and a little more usually, you will notice much better outcomes.


  1. A friend informed me to search for the diet plan “lyly amazing guide” on Google. It is the best weight loss plan I’ve ever seen and gives immediate results to users. We have already droped 11 lbs in less than the first week.

  2. Climbing up the 'passo Campolongo', it's very close to my hometown. Nice. I really enjoy your videos. Thanks for the tips

  3. I've started cycling for an average of 90 minutes a day, 5 days a week. It's been only a couple of years since I learnt to cycle and already I feel myself falling in love with the sport. Any professional cyclists here? How would you rate my numbers?

  4. #torqueback when you say 'fasted' what does that actually mean? i was talking to a gym bunny friend of mine and he said our bodies only go into a fasted state after 16 hours (less for a lady) – so if i ride in the morning fasted do i need to have had 16 hours (including sleep) without food intake?

  5. Started to commute to work by bike in May '16 … Lost 18kg after one year ;-). And I really enjoy cycling now, also thanks to your tips&tricks!! Last week I finished my first 100km+ ride :).

  6. From 165lbs to 130 lbs.

    40mins ride in the morning and then I do push ups and sit ups and leg raise right after.
    another 40 min ride in the evening.

  7. I took the registration, and insurance off my vehicle so it can't legally be driven. This forced me to start riding my bike, and walking nearly everywhere I need to go, and using public transit only if I have something too big to carry on my bike. Also I started going to a swimming pool twice per week, and swimming lengths in the pool. The last, and most important thing I did was learned to read labels on grocery items, and got rid of every form of sugar I possibly can in my life. Pretty much the only areas of a grocery store I go into anymore are the meat, vegetable, and fruit departments. I lost 25 pounds in three months, and never paid for a gym membership, and I'm not paying for vehicle insurance except theft, and vandalism. I haven't made the leap to sell the car yet, but if I decide it makes more sense to rent one from time to time vs keeping this one I may do that after a year or so. #fastfoodsucks

  8. Been cycling for 3 months now combined with a healthy change in diet eating tons of protein and cutting almost all of the junk food. At first it was on a spin bike as weather here in Wisconsin tends to be uncomfortable for cycling until mid to late Spring. The first few rides on my actual bike I thought my legs would fall off or I'd have a heart attack… but I pushed through it and have worked my cycling days up to a 12 mile trip taking 50-60 min. I have gone from 269lbs to 227lbs (42lbs lost) so far. I was worried this was too quick, but I am making sure to get around 1500 calories mostly from protein (120-150g) per day. I eat a Mint Cliff Bar and drink a Muscle Milk after each ride, only working out 2-3 times a week, making sure to always have 48+ hours between rides for recovery. I can't wait to be light enough to actually go fast without my legs screaming at me so much.

  9. i do sprinting in with my endurance i refuse to bike indoors now. i like 3-5 hour rides it helps clears your head and feels good and you feel you accomplished something. my bike season here in canada starts may8/2017 😀 need to lose 40LB

  10. Foods/drinks/sportbars with alot of sugar actually cause fat storage. All these sport gels etc are under heavy criticism by scientists all over the world. When your blood sugar level rises alot in a short time span, the body will interpret that as a sign that you've struck a big source of food and that it needs to be stored for a rainy day. So if you want to lose weight, avoid fast sugars and go for whole wheat and natural carbs. Don't overdo the fruit cos those are often fast carbs too that will convert to fat more easily.

  11. Every day is Christmas for me! I work as a chef and have a gut full of bread, red wine, all delicious charcuterie and cheese as I taste all day while running a kitchen. I've started commuting to work via cycle which only offers a 7 mile ride round trip and have shed 12 pounds in 2 months. My old pants fit again. Priceless! I also go for 18 mile rides around town when I happen to have the luxury of a day off. I'm in Richmond, VA so I can follow parts of the 2015 UCI. I used to ride a road bike in my younger days (43 years old now) but have switched to a hybrid frame to carry my toddler son on the back (he's 3 now). The extra weight is a great workout but actually easily adds ridiculous speed on the flat so I don't find myself peddling in my usual cadence. It's much lighter. It's almost a cheat though I'd never give it up. He has loads of fun on rides. Uphill is a different story. It's a great feeling as I try to stay in my normal gear set without compensating for the extra 30+ pounds on the back. I'm wondering if anyone at GCN knows of anybody adding extra weight to their bike to expedite weight loss or to add to fitness. Personally having Jack on the back (his name is indeed Jack) adds to the overall experience. For me so far, it has noticeably increased my endurance. The best part is that a kid can fall asleep anywhere. After he's full of excitement for the beginning of a ride, I eventually hear the clunk of his helmet hitting the frame of his seat when he bonks. A Cliffs bar with chocolate gets him going again. He's a good sport so I sometimes submit and buy him french fries. He deserves it after dealing with daddy's sweaty back and gobbs from the nose all day.

  12. Did I here correctly? Are they suggesting that you do NOT do 2 rides a day more than three times per week? Can someone clarify?

  13. Fasted morning rides really work for me. They're easy to fit into a busy schedule and they bring very positive results. High intensity, 120 minutes at most, preferably under 90.
    That said, 4-6 hour rides done on several consecutive days do absolute wonders.

  14. Weighed 81kg mid Jan now it's end April and I weigh 75kg through Herbalife/Zwift and commuting too and from work. My FTP at the start was 196W and now it's 234w #wattagebazooka

  15. i used to cycle tour (SE Asia, and attempted to go from China to the UK before my bike was stolen) and could easily ride 200km a day in heat with bags – when i was vegan and smoking! Now i've got back into cycling after a few (15) years out, and am loving it… but have some weight to lose.
    Back in the day I was probably only 62-3kg, now 73kg after losing 3 in the last 2 months on a road bike. For me, cutting out meat, refined and processed foods and eating less sugar/ drinking no alcohol comes automatically as I get healthier. I know meat-heads get scared of vegan diets, but you really would feel a lot better in yourself physically and mentally – but sorry if your ego is attacked there. Edging back to being vegan myself (it takes work cooking often for one thing), but in general really loving having a bike, being on the road, getting fit and living better

    Cheers for the vids guys,GCN rocks

  16. Does it really matter what type of cycling u do does riding a fat tire bike every day for 2 hours or more get u some benefits

  17. I started jan 1 at 255lbs and have lost 23 lbs just walking. I just bought a bike thin tires light weight ect
    I do more bodybuilding and powerlifting training.
    i want to burm the bodyfat% but keep my hard earned muscle (treadmill walking isnt for me its boring )
    do you recommend a certain cycling training regimen

  18. I started jan 1 at 255lbs and have lost 23 lbs just walking. I just bought a bike thin tires light weight ect
    I do more bodybuilding and powerlifting training.
    i want to burm the bodyfat% but keep my hard earned muscle (treadmill walking isnt for me its boring )
    do you recommend a certain cycling training regimen

  19. I`ve always had a bit of excess fat and I never imagined I had come across a diet plan that could help me to eliminate it until I actually tested out the “fizy unique plan” (Google it). Research the “fizy unique plan” on Google for yourself and see how simple it can be. You`ll like it, trust me.

  20. I've lost 8kg so far in 2017 just following the GCN indoor works outs (and a little healthy eating). Have realised that's the equivalent of doing every climb towing an extra bike!

    Have treated myself to a nice fizik saddle for the hard work and promised myself a garmin then some wheels in the future if I can keep going.

  21. started riding 27th Feb only two 8 mile rides once a week (because of my shift pattern ) booked in for fifty mile Essex air ambulance on the 14th of may now doing forty plus miles a week in one ride . 1.5 stone lost already so scales say 14.6 stone and getting married in august so setting yourself goals really does keep you motivated thanks GCN

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