Here it is! The TRX Chest video that many have been asking for! It has been 4 days since I shot this video and my chest is still sore! Remember to listen to your body! If you have any joint pain remember to stop, and give your body time to recover. Grab your TRX and lets get ready to do this!

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Get in Shape With These Helpful Tips

If our excessive weight degrees being a land are any sign, there is a lot of confusion and adversity to exercise in our lifestyles. The choices we make decide so much about how we truly feel and look. This post will offer you some good advice on the best way to be a far healthier and in shape particular person. It doesn’t consider very much. Just, some effort and knowledge.

Upon having embarked with a new exercise routine, you may be tempted to go crazy. To build your strength and endurance, you should force your self only slightly more any time you go into your chosen exercise. Stretching soon after is key to guaranteeing you protect the muscles you happen to be building.

Even though this report may make it seem easy, the main aspect is work and perseverence. Hitting the gym could be fun and simple, but it also calls for consistent work to achieve any final results. So, shut off the TV and obtain off the chair, visit the health and fitness center, and initiate training.


  1. of all these TRX workout channels that I've been subscibed to, this is the most straight forward, no BS ang defenitley gave me visible result!! glad that I found this.. thanks a lot coach Sim

  2. Awesome videos man, I train with your videos at least twice a week. I actually do this outside in the forest outside and there is nothing like bringing this workout to an early morning outdoor workout. It totally sets up my day💪👌👍💪👌👍

  3. A great way to add in more resistance is to slow your reps down and increase the time under tension. This not only will increase size but enhance the muscle fibers

  4. bruh' love your workout videos… they are so realistic. I have been practicing trx now for 5 months. gives the reality that it is not easy that we have to make the extra efford. i dont find inspiring when trainers make it look easy and i feel useless and hopeless…… you totally rock and inspire !!!! keep the videos up bruh

  5. LOL! Pray to Jesus! Thanks Sim.. I had 10 days off.. as I was away. Though this sesh smashed me! Phhooaaar! Awesome brother!

  6. Just finished that one, right after doing your brand new "posterior shoulder workout" (with 10min break in between), trust me, my whole upper body is pumped as hell!!! Goal reached!!! Thanks again!

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