Twist & Bind Yoga Class – Five Parks Yoga This is the first of two one hour classes themed around twisting and binding poses. If twists and binds are new to you, I would recommend having a yoga strap handy. (If you don’t have a strap you can use a fabric belt or towel). Enjoy the amazing benefits of twisting and binding – including but not limited to increased spinal mobility and back health. Twists also aid digestion, energize and neutralize and provide us with a fresh perspective. Have fun!

Yoga Instructor: Erin Sampson
Location: Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Venue: Casa Colorado (

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Five Parks Yoga Classes are filmed in both Colorado and Costa Rica. Most classes are open to the public, so visit our calendar if you’d like to join us for a live class!

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Filmed Live in Tamarindo, Costa Rica at Casa Colorado (

If you have a class request, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks for visiting us at Five Parks Yoga!

Get Healthy And Stay In Shape

A bit education and learning is one way to produce getting into good shape less aggravating and puzzling. You do not must commit massive prevents of time to studying exercise, either the quickest look throughout the sources about them can produce extremely helpful details. This post will reveal just a few of the fast ideas which could enhance your exercise IQ substantially.

Figure out the miles you visit errands you manage. Such things as the bank or even a quick shopping getaway. Any extended distance you happen to be going which is within distance should be carried out by walking it. If you tightly comply with this rule you can expect to get to your workout goals quickly.

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