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Alright, so here we go! It’ Lucas Rubkiewicz from Revolution Fitness, answering YOUR fitness questions DAILY! Today I was asked, ‘Is Walking Better Than Running When It Comes to Weight Loss?’. I’m pretty sure I know why you ask. You were most likely sitting on a piece of cardio equipment at the gym and looked down and saw and nice little graph with the words ‘fat burning zone’ written all over it. I’m gunna explain things straight up to settle the confusion! Read the full article and more on my blog at http://www.revolutionfitnessonline.com

Is Walking Better Than Running for weight loss?

So does low intensity exercise , like walking, burn more FAT than higher intensity training, like running. Where things get misunderstood is that lower intensity exercise burns more PERCENTAGE of fat, and higher intensity exercise starts pulling energy from carbohydrates. Let’s look at it this way.

30 Minutes of low intensity VS high intensity exercise. Let’s say you burn 100 calories in 30 minutes of low intensity exercise.. and 250 calories running for 30 minutes. Let’s make things super simple and say you burn 50% of calories from fat while walking and 30% of fat while running. While walking may burn 50 calories from fats, running will burn 75 calories from fat while running. And although this is important, at the end of the day, it’s really all about calories burned OVERALL. So is walking better than running?

Higher Intensity will win every single time – depending on your goals and how often you’re training – but for the average person going all in is the way to go! If you have knee injuries or other reasons why you can’t run, then obviously stick to walking – or try other forms of low impact cardio like elliptical or rowing – but the harder you work, the more you gain!

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The Basic Principles are quite simple. First off, the food you eat gives us the energy we need to exercise. Glucose, which is the bodies preferred energy source, is delivered by way of blood to our working cells. The glucose is broken down in carbon dioxide and water, which releases ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE (ATP). The energy that’s made from the breakdown of ATP fuels our metabolism, muscles, heart and all the other bodies needs to continue exercise. The studying of the way energy is captured, converted and used is known as Bioenergetics. After reading this, you’ll be a certified bioenergetics expert!


There is. Our bodies can produce the energy we need in four different ways through the PHOSPHAGEN SYSTEM, ANAEROBIC GLYCOLYSIS, AEROBIC GLYCOLYSIS, and FATTY ACID OXIDATION — Read the full 40 page eBook HERE: http://bit.ly/7stepstotakeFREE

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Tips on How to Look and Feel Sexy

Everybody knows remaining suit is vital, especially with obesity rates in the usa growing easily. Want to sort out, but don’t have very good suggestions? There are several strategies to focus on your own personal physical fitness, and this report explains some efficient ways to have some fun whilst exercising and remaining wholesome.

Have got a sleep working day in-in between training times. Our bodies in a natural way requires sleep as well as over training can reduce the final results when going to the health and fitness center each day. Normally bust times are a time for that muscle tissue fabric to reconnect and form more robust connections. Most sportsmen recognize that constant exercising may cause strong low energy and actually detract from the physical fitness profits.

Keeping yourself suit can be challenging up until you be in the habit of exercising, but if you keep it going you will be recognized by using a appealing system. With a little luck you now have some terrific physical fitness suggestions and they are eager to apply those to the next run around the block or vacation to a health club.