Weight Loss And Hormones – How To Lose Belly Fat
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‘BEYOND EXPECTATIONS’ (A Televised Motivational Weight loss Documentary)


Meet Elle, an ordinary woman on the brink of an extraordinary journey
At eight months pregnant with her second child,

Elle was planning to do something inspiring; to make a dramatic example of how each of us has the power to change our core identity.

Elle undertakes a life-changing journey that pushes her both mentally and physically. Not only would she attempt to shed her post-pregnancy weight, but she would also dare to develop her body into the peak physical condition necessary to compete amongst the world’s best at the International Sport’s Modeling Competition held in New York City.

The enormity of the challenge was clear, Elle had two infant children in her care as well as her sick husband Jon. Jon is plagued with a rare disease that leaves him incapacitated and bed ridden for most of the day and so to make the odds even tougher, Elle would be avoiding traditional weight loss advocates such as dieticians and gyms.

Come on a life-changing journey of dedication, passion and one that will take you beyond your expectations.

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Exercise Is Your Friend When You Are Trying to Get in Shape

A fit physique is the key to health insurance and energy. Together with good nutrients, healthy exercising is instrumental for a and accomplished lifestyle. Working out will work for your own muscles, coronary heart and thoughts. This article under includes numerous tips on creating and looking after a in shape physique.

Routine your time and energy to exercise routine exactly the same you routine your crucial visits. Your physical fitness and health are merely as crucial in your lifestyle for your next doctor’s consultation, so treat it exactly the same. Placing your workouts within your calendar can make you more prone to take the time and do them.

As soon as your personal health and fitness schedule is underway, you will discover that your particular education about the subject is rarely concluded. This is an excellent factor. Continual learning is helpful as well as essential to sustain and improve your health and fitness outcomes and to help you keep devoted. As soon as the understanding you gain repays so well, you will quickly adore the educational method.


  1. Hi Ellie, one quick question…You showed us your exercise rutine, but i want to know if you did the same rutine the whole time or you change it besides the weights…because u added more weigjts from time to time right? Because i hear that you need to rest muscles any other session, but from what i saw u repet it same ones 3 to 5 times a week for 10 months?
    Thank u for your time!!

  2. I Love all your tights and tops in your videos since your transformation. Where do you get them from? <3

  3. your videos are so inspiring! I am a mother of two and my youngest is 2. I have gained 100 lbs and can't do it anymore. I have changed my diet to whole grains and whole foods, no sodas no coffee and lots of water. I have lost 10 in 4 weeks and feel satisfied with my diet. I plan to add walking in the morning and this video was just what I needed to hear. I didn't plan on eating before walking but now I definitely will. Thank you for sharing your life story.

  4. This was one of your most impactful videos for me. It really spoke to me and is so helpful. It was short and sweet and detailed. Thank you for your suggestions. I've never heard anyone say NOT to exercise first thing in the morning. It sounds like you suggest not doing it primarily because exercise is a stressor and could release even more Cortisol? Is that correct rationale? Also, maybe you've already done a video on this and I haven't come across it but do you ever talk about your weight GAIN journey and what got you to the point of being heavier and wanting to lose weight? I would love to hear your story. Thank you so much for all you do for us. 🙂 God Bless.

  5. Elle, thank you! You are such an inspiration! I am so happy to say that I have gone from a US 14 to a US 10/8 since doing your plan within four months! Stress…that is key thing I need to manage better hopefully that will help with the belly fat. Thank you so much!!

  6. I've enjoyed your videos very much, very informative!! Just a random question, why are most of your videos recorded in the girls room? ☺☺

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