“I don’t give a sh*t about how much you weigh…”

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These Ideas Will Get You in Shape

As you become old it is essential to maintain a good level of fitness. In the following paragraphs we will highlight different ways you can preserve on your own in good condition. Implement the next guidance on fitness in your every day daily life, so as you grow older, you can better adjust to the adjustments in your body.

You require restricted boots to climb stones. If you intend to provide rock or wall structure ascending in your workout plan, do not select your boots how you would choose running or strolling boots. Ascending boots ought to be so restricted which you are unable to go walking easily within them. Manage and awareness are paramount in ascending boots.

As you have seen, being in shape is simple to blend into your program. Take the very first steps and commence your healthful lifestyle fitness timetable today. The advantages will be your own property for life as well as the individuals you understand are certain to notice the big difference with your look and mindset.


  1. Ok but like he obviously knew that she needed the other harness so why didn't he give it to her right off the bat

  2. I watched this then watched it again on mute right behind my brother and turned it up at the ' AAAAAAH' part and scared him XD It should be a vine lol

  3. Why do people care about a number? You clearly look how you look regardless of what number you give yourself, and everyone can see that. I don't even know what those numbers mean – but I can tell by looking someone how fat they are.

  4. Allison weighs less than me and I'm a twelve year old athlete… I weigh like 130! is that alot?

  5. I went to one of those places we stood on a scale. Gets more accurate results and doesn't let people lie…. 😶

  6. i weigh like 130-145 ish. when unprofessional people ask me what my weight is i say i don't know, say it's none of their business, or ask why they care.

  7. This would be funny except for the fact that all a harness has to do is fit. The orange harness looks like a rental harness. It probably wouldn't be very comfortable. I've seen people who weigh well over 200 wear them. The second harness looks like a harness that a climber who climbs on a weekly basis would buy. The two harnesses are just different types, but they support the same amount of weight. Yea, I know, I'm a party pooper.

  8. The sad thing about this is nobody believes me when I actually tell them how much I weigh. Nobody realizes that I actually weigh 200 pounds.

  9. everyone here is posting their weight and im sittin' here over like: wtf no one wants to no your weight- also


    no one gives a flying fudge

  10. bruh, whenever i go rock climbing indoors, they have the same harness for EVERYONE. Doesn't matter how much you weigh, you still get the same harness. (they're good harness's too so i can see why)

  11. lmao I'm 12 years old, 4'9 and 77 lbs, I get picked on by my friends for being skinny. honestly no matter what weight you are, not everyone on earth will adore that weight

  12. I once lied about my weight on one of the bouncy harness things and it dug in all my crevasse and hurt so bad

  13. I lied that I was like 3 pounds heavier so I could donate blood. I ended up not being able to donate anyway, but i don't think those 3 pounds would really make a huge difference anyway, and they just need to make a cutoff somewhere.

  14. Omg ppl this video is nothing to do with the actual weight they gave it wouldn't make a difference if she said she was a hundred pound (or +) more

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