In this weeks Workout of The Week video I’m sharing with you PART I of my intense SQUAT + PRESS training circuit that will help you target the upper glutes to help you grow, develop, and volumize your glutes, quads, and hamstring tie in. We will be starting with squats on the smith machine followed by single leg glute presses on the leg press machine which with not only help you better develop both your glutes and hamstrings but also sculpt a beautiful round booty! Although these exercises are a bit difficult to execute, they require you to have some good core strength, they will elevate your training and help you achieve that full and round booty we all want!

Here are the exercises and rep ranges: SUPER SET

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Tips for Helping You Become Fit

For many people, getting into good shape looks like a hopeless process. It will require time and strength and doesn’t appear to be all that enjoyable. Even so, using the correct workout program, customized to what you can do and whatever you get pleasurable, getting into good shape and staying match can be a life time interest. Following are some recommendations to get into the swing of points.

A new way to workout while having a lot of fun at the same time is through video game workouts. When you get your exercise by playing a game, you are far more likely to focus on the fun than on the exercise. You won’t get bored or tired as easily.

Your fitness level depends on the volume of operate you put involved with it and just how much you will make these options an element of your daily life. Should you set these ideas and suggestions to very good use, there are actually your self experiencing and looking much better before you know it.


  1. That's a great idea on the single side leg press!! Today is my leg day so I'll be trying this out !!👍🏼😊

  2. you get super wide in your sumo squats, i need to try it out that way.

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