As with any good fitness program, the goal is to improve. However, to do so, it’s important to understand your current capabilities. Rowing is no different.

To lay the foundation, we start with a test based on your goals. By completing a test on a periodic basis, you can see exactly how much better you’ve become. You will also have a better idea of your capabilities when it comes to different types of workouts or even competition. In this video, we cover the 7 benchmark workouts you should know when it comes to the rowing machine.

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Here Are Some All-New Plans For Shaping Up Fast

It is time and energy to get your lifestyle in your own palms and do something about your bodyweight. Weight loss plans take time and effort and may not actually function. The greatest thing to do is physical exercise, plus a generally far healthier life-style. You could potentially lose fat and be far more at simple with the system. Below are great tips which will help.

Buy a video game that incorporates exercise. This can be a wonderful method to shake up an exercise routine and add some variety to your workout! When you are engrossed in your video game, you will not be thinking about the workout that you are getting. You will not feel tired, so this makes it so you can work out longer and harder.

Beginning or remaining having a fitness and health plan can seem challenging, but trying to keep in shape will allow you to not only to seem your very best, but to sense your very best way too. Pursuing the fitness ideas discussed above will assist make it easier that you should meet up with your goals.


  1. ii am a just getting started with a old rower and its good. i will like to be effective but the screen is out how do i no im doing anything. ty.

  2. Great videos – love them. You mention '4-time' a couple of times through this video. Excuse my ignorance, but what it this?

  3. I love 10k's. It sets you up for short pieces, as well as the really long ones, like the marathon row! So hype for the marathon row in May.

  4. Hey – nice summary of key workouts. Stepping outside of that, and increasing distance to 'endurance' levels, such as a marathon (42,195m), what recommendations for training programmes would you have for that kind of distance? I have been silly enough (!) to row 2 marathons in the past. Both times I managed sub 3 hours which I am proud of, each time however, I used different programming to prepare. First one very similar to a running marathon programme (weekly incremental increases up until about 30k), the second time was based on intervals using 5k, 10k, half marathon, and target marathon paces for varying amounts of time, never rowing for more than 45 minutes straight. Both accumulated about the same amount of metres overall. I went faster the second time around (circa 2:55 vs 2:58). Have you rowed that distance before? Do you have any advice on programming or preparation? I'd like to try another marathon this year, and, as ever, keen to go faster!!!! Any thoughts appreciated….thanks, Matt.

  5. do you recommend the dynamic rower for someone who already has a model d, is on a rowing team , and needs more rowing specific training for the off season?

  6. This video would benefit from having more information on the relevance of these workout which – in a short and sweet but well rounded fashion type of style – explained to the real beginners (who just bought a rowing machine and have no experience) well enough the significance if these workouts. Because you cannot assume that everyone who finds you on youtube understands everything you really want to get across here.
    Keep up the good work and thank you anyway.

  7. hey my son is nearly 13 and been using our erg for a few months now, and is joining a rowing club. what time should he be aiming to get for a 2k?

  8. Have found the videos very usefull!! Would love you to add a picture in picture shot from a static camera focused on the monitor and showing at least SR and split. This would allow my brain to better understand the visual movements (that good technique makes it look leisurely) to the outputs that are actually achieved. Thanks

  9. Just got my new concept2, upgraded from a Walmart special what a difference.You video's have helped me understand my form and get the most out of me and the machine. Thanks!

  10. another great video. it'd be great if you could upload more maybe try 3 vids a week, appreciate it may be a challenge though

  11. love the videos mate.teaching me so much.never rowed in my life till my kids got me into it.took part in irish national indoor champs recently n did 6:51 2k in the 40/49 age category.technique wouldnt be the best yet n time not greatest but was my first comp ever.learning so much from every one of your vids.thanks so much n keep em coming.

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