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Burpees are one of the best total body exercises you can do for both conditioning and fat loss without weights. That said, they are often done too slow and in doing so are costing you a chance to build more explosive muscle with them. In this video, I am going to show you the world’s fastest burpees and how you can force yourself to start getting quicker results from doing them this way.

To begin with, the burpee is a bodyweight exercise that you can do in your home. It incorporates muscles in your arms, chest, shoulders, legs, core and back making it as close to a total body exercise as it gets. To perform them properly you want to be sure that you try and complete the rep as quickly and explosively as possible. Many times, the person doing the burpee will brag about how many they can do but they are doing them far too slow to boast.

Here you will see that by using a stability ball, you can incorporate an external source of motivation to get you off the ground even quicker. Three burpee variations are shown to help you get more explosive with this total body exercise. First is the horizontal chest pass burpee. Begin by holding a stability ball or swiss ball at chest height facing a wall. The further away from the wall that you stand the easier this exercise becomes. Fire the ball away from your chest towards the wall and perform a burpee. You must be able to stand up fast enough to be able to catch the ball on the rebound off the wall. Obviously, the harder you throw the ball the faster you will have to be in order to perform this correctly.

Next up is the vertical lying burpee. Here you want to chest pass the ball straight overhead and attempt to stand up fast enough to be able to catch the ball before it hits the ground. To make it even more challenging you will roll to your stomach after throwing the ball and press up as you would getting up from a burpee. Here, one of the biggest challenges is regaining your coordination and orientation after getting up and being able to locate the ball visually fast enough to be able to catch it.

Building onto this is the final variation of burpee called the bouncing burpee. In this exercise variation, you are going to bounce the stability ball overhead and quickly perform a burpee. Attempt to stand up fast enough to be able to catch the ball before it touches the ground. This is not as easy as it might seem and it will require practice to get the ball to land in a somewhat predictable place so that you can catch it.

These are just three burpee variations that force you to have to become quicker getting off the ground and in the process are going to make you more athletic. If you are looking for a complete workout program that will help you build muscle like an athlete and make you a better athlete in the process, be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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Shapely Ideas to Make You Fit

Physical fitness must an important part of anyone’s daily life. It does magic for your health, maintaining it fit and healthy, and supplying you with a lot more power. However many individuals find it hard to exercise regularly with their hectic plan. This article contains helpful, effortless recommendations so that you can learn to exercising effectively in a modest amount of time.

To correctly figure out your muscles, only job them out for approximately an hour or so. Hitting the gym for over a hour or so generally operates from you. Your system is likely to develop a lot more cortisol soon after about 1 hour, and that might cause you system to equally obstruct male growth hormone and force you to spend the muscle you possess just gained.

Simply because this write-up talked about, fitness is an extremely engaged subject matter. Nonetheless, should you not imagination work, you can easily accomplish your targets. Tend not to grow to be also focused entirely on anyone facet of getting fit make your view about the overall picture and figure out how to love your body and address it with respect by utilizing the ideas you possess read through!


  1. Jeff, One simple question… How often do YOU workout?
     How about a full body workout for men over 50, something one could do four or five times a week?
    Thanks for the great videos…

  2. hey jeff when i do try to do burpees i never land flat on my feet i land on my toes can you help could it be my hips are tight. thanks

  3. Why would I do functional athletic training when I could just get som roids and pizza and som bench press and curls to get better results

  4. Hi jeff, we are very confused about the intensity and load principles after igunal hernia surgery. Only you are the coach who posted helpfull video about that. The previous videos about hernia is really very helpfull. but still we have confusion about the load and progression. please guide us about that. there is no proper data about training after igunal hernia what will not cause of re occupanc.Thank you jeff.

  5. hey Jeff please help,my left side of the body is more in front than right,it is almost like walking left side in front not like i should and also left hand from shoulders and pec is like too tight,left pec is bigger,man please help!!

  6. Jeff is the kind of guy that doesn't use excuses. After the dog destroyed his ball he used the dog for the exercise. That's way more difficult because not only the dog is heavier, but there are worse consequences if you don't catch it.

  7. Jeff I just wanna thank u for all these work outs, they really help me but I usually do them during the weekend because school and im 14 in freshman football and these really help me get better, thank you

  8. great content as always but I think you should get a better camera. a DSLR would be nice. and a little bit of color grading as well. it would present your awesome channel in much more professional way.

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