Prior to the bout, MMA fighter Xu had criticized traditional martial arts for being outdated and “a lie” without combat purposes, strongly insulting Tai-Chi in particular. In response Wei challenged him to a duel. The stage was set in Chengdu, China in front of a large crowd with a referee and MC.

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  1. Update: A Chinese multi-millionaire has put up a $1m bounty to defend the dignity of traditional martial arts. Numerous other kung fu experts have challenged Xu Xiadong, including "Shaolin Monk" Yi Long, aka the greatest fighter that ever lived.

  2. I wanna see a shaolin monk figth whith this mma figther. the ti chi today is weak for figth but other styles of kung fu are great for figth exemplar hung gar, tang lang, crane stly, tiger stly, longfist chanq quan, nanchuan ecc ecc and is not the stly but the fighter, see the video of master Wong. this master probability is a weak o feak master, this master was criticate because this master is fake, the really kung fu fighter say this master are fake and for me a kung fu expert know the really kung fu than mma fighter.

    sorry for my English but I'm not english or american and I a young boy.

  3. What an utter embarrassment. It's amazing how these snake-oil salesmen cloaked themselves in hearsay and mystique for DECADES –pulling the wool over everyone's eyes. But what's even MORE amazing is the army of delusional die-hards that still come up with every excuse in the book for them.

  4. The Sparrow never lands where the Tiger roams. We value the Tiger more than the Sparrow because we seek to calm the fear within ourselves, that we aren't strong enough or powerful enough to protect ourselves. But the Sparrow does not need to fight the Tiger, he can simply fly above it and understand that each way of being is as valid as the other. Does not the Tiger admire the Sparrow in its swift flight and resourceful nature. Tai Chi is an amazing martial art if applied wisely, but get in the ring with a Tiger and you place yourself in his power and at his mercy. This is not Tai Chi applied at the level of the mind, only the level of the body. Its about intention and understanding your reason for your practice.
    Martial Arts are not just about fighting men, the are about succesfully negotiating conflict in life, spiritual, mental and physical.
    There are no Masters, only good students.

  5. за что он так мастера в белом побил?! мог бы и поддаться на его гипнотические пассы!

  6. Tai Chi dude looked like he just learned Tae bo tape 1 and thought he would go pick a fight. Not knocking the technique, just saying.

  7. NOTHING about this demonstration is fair. The "MMA fighter" (haha!) just barrelled in, flailing with constant attacks. Anyone can do that and be successful in a one-off attack with sheer shock value. The Tai Chi master was not expecting such amateur nonsense, and there is no indication that they even tried to hold another bout. Since when is a match determined by a single 10 second round? He's not given a chance to adapt and they clearly had never faced each other before, either. TO BE CLEAR: THIS VIDEO MEANS NOTHING.

  8. You all fools ! The fight was stopped prematurely, for surely the tai chi master was only moments away, from calling upon his legendary super saiyan form ! Sensei very wise to not kill everyone in the room.

  9. this not only a humiliation to the Kung Fu….this a humiliation the the history of China ! when a man who wear a pink shoes beat a manly traditional man !!!

  10. Just pay current UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic to claim he is a Tai-Chi practitioner and have him duel Xu. And bam, Tai-Chi as a true combat discipline is believable again.

  11. This fight is not fair! He's a taichi master vs mma retired guy….this fight will be fair if connor mcgregor fights that tai chi master instead, THIS IS NOT EQUAL FIGHT

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