Yoga For Back Pain – This 20 minute beginners back stretch, sciatica pain relief, & flexibility flow can help naturally relieve back pain, back tension, sciatica pain, neck tension, shoulder tension, and help gain flexibility! Certified Yoga Instructor Savannah V, from Austin TX, guides us through this beginner friendly yoga class.




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Every time you raise dumbbells, flex your glutes. This provides the butt an excellent work out as well as minimizing the danger of hurting on your own because they are within a bad situation. The position you assume when flexing your glutes help to control and shield your spine.

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  1. This is such a small thing, but the knees up in shavasana was soooo helpful after the back exercises. In shavasana I often have back pain because my butt's kinda big and there's a curve in my lower spine, so any poses where my lower back is flush with the ground feels really stabilizing. The rocking motion we did with each leg also felt wonderful. Thanks Savanna! This was great!

  2. Can you do pregnancy safe sciatic pain? A lot of these I can't do now that I'm in trimester 3 like the pose in the thumbnail. I did a 30 min long sciatic pain yoga video with Jen Hilman and I'm still limping in pain. I've always been physically fit and active, I've biked the entire pregnancy but suddenly my butt and low back are in such pain that it's difficult to sleep and hurts to walk. 🙁 didn't have any recent injuries so I'm thinking it's the growing uterus of my little boy that's causing me pain. Greatly appreciated and always loves your practices. 💕

  3. The softest looking feet I have ever seen. Do you ever actually walk on the ground or do you have a crew that carries you everywhere you need to go?

  4. Thank you for this lovely  and really helpful sequence. Number four with  legs and the leg moving from side to side worked like a miracle in my hip and low back. The sore, nearly aching spot disappeared! I´ll definitelyly come back to this tomorrow.

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