Yoga For Core + Booty is a half hour yoga practice to tone the core and the buttocks. We take a playful and mindful approach to this active practice remembering that with yoga we unite all parts of the body and mind. Trim and tone while building body awareness, flexibility and stability in the spine. Connect, plug in and Find What Feels Good.

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Follow These Ideas to Get Into Shape

Fitness ought to a significant part of anyone’s lifestyle. It can amazing things for you, retaining it healthy, and offering you far more vitality. Nevertheless many individuals find it difficult to get some exercise regularly with their stressful schedule. This article involves useful, easy tips that you should learn how to physical exercise efficiently in a modest amount of time.

So that you can build far better abdominal muscles, don’t work your abs muscles too frequently. Your stomach muscle tissues are similar to the other muscle tissues within your body and call for relax. Don’t work your abs muscles two days and nights consecutively, only work them several days and nights a week, with at least one day time of relax in-among.

Very poor health and fitness can be quite troublesome, though with some work and several perseverance, you may get far better at it. It really requires study and requesting your physician what to do and the ways to approach it safely and securely in order to get to your fitness goals. Do yourself a prefer and try making use of the above ideas to help to improve your fitness goals.


  1. Thank you Adriene to remind us all the true essence of yoga. I started the session with the intension on working superficially on body part's but you gently reminded me why I do yoga… To connect my mind-body-soul, to show self-love and to gain energy. XO

  2. I like how you wear decently. I don't like booty showing shorts and sports bra thing eventhough it is a trend now.

  3. This is a ripper! Perfect for warming up on this cold Melbourne morning.. namaste Adriene 🙏🏽💛

  4. Great video as usual. Super fun outfit, especially the violet and gold adidas, such a fit and feel good urban look for a booty themed class! Thanks again:)

  5. Just spent a good hour and a half doing 3 videos and I've never felt more relaxed and light- thank you so much Adriene!

  6. I have been told by my physio that I need to strengthen my core and glutes. This routine has so far been perfect for me. I do it at least once a week along with my regular exercise routines.

  7. I've been following your videos for just about 3 months and i feel so much better. I do 10-30 mins every day. I've lost weight and the tyranny of food cravings have all but gone. I love the way you continually remind us to focus, connect with the earth, spread hands. I'm an older guy and this is the 2nd time I have taken Yoga seriously. Thanks. Note.. I'm not super crazy about the newer overdubbed ones but I get it. The others probably take a lot more time to produce and… because my old ass can't keep up! Thanks so much.

  8. i was wanting a quick afternoon yoga practice, but had to stop this particular video. i understand this is used as purely fitness, but selectively using spiritual hindu words as names of positions was taking me away from what you are doing. those words are more than fitness terms. they are sacred and special and this particular practice is more geared away from the spiritual. I'm glad it helps anyone that enjoys it.

  9. of course I love your classes, but wondering what the color of your walls are? Right now, I am an artistic color explosion but looking to neutralize my walls. The color of your walls is so calming. or maybe it's your voice 😉

  10. Love all your videos!! I've been at it a month and it has done wonders for my core and lower back!! Thank you!!

  11. When I first started yoga I really struggled connecting my breath to each movement and didn't see a point to it. Now that I've started watching your videos I find it simple and it makes a world of difference! Thank you:)

  12. Adrienne I cannot begin to tell you how you have changed my life. I have been in and out of the yoga practice for some time having lost my motivation but some how I always come back to you and more importantly the practice. There is no other videos I watch but yours your practice and outlook on life inspires me. I am still learning each and everyday but I just want to thankyou for being a huge part of my journey thus far. you make me laugh and smile and I feel revitalised after every practice I am always left smiling. Adrienne you are awesome!

  13. Adrienne: "Think of the ways having a good core and booty can help you…"

    Me: "To get bitches obvi 😎"

    Adrienne: "Ways that aren't toxic."

    Me: "To SLAY THOTS"

    jk I need it for better posture 😱

  14. This ass bout to get a little sweeter. Gonna have to beat the boys off with a stick. Bitter sweet, since I'm a straight man.

  15. Thank you, Adriene for the beautiful practice and to remind us to stay present with our breath and why our core is important for greater reasons..

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