What’s up yoga babes – welcome to your yoga for hips & back flexibility. This 40 minute practice is a power flow linking movement with breath, focusing a lot on the hips and opening through the back and heart.

This practice is also part of the 30 Pose Journey Flow series – the finale to the 30 Pose Journey! You can join the journey + practice the first two classes below:

Join the 30 Pose Journey – http://bit.ly/2aJMf6X
Flow 1: The Foundations – https://youtu.be/02Bb_mtjX7w
Flow 2: Yoga for Balance – https://youtu.be/q7CQdawc8Gg

I recommend this class for intermediate to advanced yogis, but all are welcome to try! Remember to modify and rest where you need to! Also, I use a block and strap for props in this video, so grab those if you have it!

And with that said, unroll your mat & let’s flow!

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Get In Shape With the Help of These Ideas

Maintaining your exercise and fitness as you age group is essential to residing a lengthy healthy lifestyle. As your physique ages, your bones turn out to be weaker, which makes them far more prone to splits. Keeping fit aids to help keep your bones powerful, as well as your physique can get over accidents more quickly. This post will provide you with some very nice tips for looking after your fitness to your gold several years.

In order to build better stomach muscles, don’t job your stomach muscles too frequently. Your stomach muscle tissue are similar to the other muscle tissue inside your body and call for relaxation. Don’t job your stomach muscles two times in a row, only job them several times every week, with a minimum of one time of relaxation in-among.

As stated at first of this write-up, looking after your exercise and fitness as you age group is essential to residing a lengthy healthy lifestyle. Bones become a little more fragile as you age group, which makes it tougher to recoup from accidents. Use the recommendations from this write-up to aid maintain your fitness as you get more aged, and to help keep your bones healthy and strong.


  1. Thank you for an awesome day 3, I really enjoyed this practice, I am looking forward to day 4 🙏🙏🤗🤗😘😘

  2. Omg!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!! This flow was even better! It was challenging for me and I like that challenge! Thank you! this flow popped up on my home page and I love it!!

  3. thanks for all your work! know that you have a lot of followers that appreciate that! you're awesome!

  4. Thank you very much, Allie! It was the first yoga class I've done with your careful guidance! I'm looking forward to practicing with you again! I feel myself rejuvenated, free and open-hearted! Namaste🙏

  5. This was so beautiful, i'm always hesitant to try new flows on youtube, but this was by far my favourite flow i've done. Thank you for this.

  6. dear Allie, just discovered your channel a few days ago and already enjoyed a couple of great flows. thank you so much for your offerings. so deeply appreciate your efforts, creativity and all the hard work you put out there for us yogis to enjoy. I feel a bit greedy, but may I ask which yoga mat are you using in this flow? I noticed you put out a link for yoga props and would be happy to use it if they carry this mat. hope it's not a bother and am very happy to have joined your channel.

  7. Thank you for that flow! New to your channel and looking forward to many more of these feel-good flows!

  8. Thank you! This was what I needed.
    It was my first flow with you, and I look forward to follow you and grow in my personal journey.

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