This is an epic yoga class that focuses on arm balances and inversions! We immediately start upside down in headstand, no time to waste!

This class is definitely for intermediate to advanced yogis, but there’s a pose for everyone, so all yogis are welcome! Remember to practice safely, using a wall for extra support, and incorporating blocks wherever necessary!

This is the final flow for the 30 Pose Journey, combining all the poses from week 4! If you want to join the journey or try the three other flows, find the info below:

Join the 30 Pose Journey –
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Flow 2: Yoga for Balance –
Flow 3: Yoga for Hip & Back Flexibility –

Inversion + Arm Balance Video Tutorials:
Headstand –
Forearm Balance –
Handstand –
Eight Angle Pose –
Flying Splits Pose –
Flying Pigeon Pose –

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  1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed my practice this morning with you. Looking forward to checking out more vids :namaste:

  2. 😂😂 "hellooo crazy yogi"😂😂 Allie your awesome and this was a great practice!!

  3. this was amazing. i am a beginner but i came from 6 times a week fitness and i love to work realy hard. anyway, this was so damn hard hahaha. one day i can do all of this like you.

  4. Hi, I have just decided that you're my favorite yogi for my yoga flow practice! I can do crowpose and tripod headstand and headstand with the head in my fingers, but I can't do neither forearmstand nor handstand. Could you do any "how to" video to teach these poses?

  5. omg struggle. i hope i can go through this easier each time. is there another inversion video you recommend for someone who is able to do a tripod headstand, crow pose, but wants to keep improving?

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