In the spirit of World Yoga Day here is a video I made about avoiding back pain in backbends. A lot of people dunk backwards instead of using their core strength to support their spine – and when you know the right technique it is easy to avoid pain in backbends and access your strength.

Shot by Warren Mac Carthy of Seed Film & Media in Cape Town South Africa for Russell Athletic.

Hair by Scar Hair in Cape Town.

Fitness Tips That Are Great

Most individuals who have been linked to physical fitness for just about any period of time say they hope there have been a couple of things they recognized prior to they started. That is why this short article collected a number of the best physical fitness strategies for equally first-timers and intermediate physical fitness buffs. These guidelines may be used by people for any degree of skill.

If you wish to table click without injuring yourself, proper kind is important. Always rest entirely toned on the table. A terrific way to usually retain the proper kind is to keep your toes strongly planted on the floor, and also grasp the pub at most shoulder joint width apart. This will enable a fluid, all-natural action and allow you to have a reliable kind.

Beginning or staying by using a health and fitness plan can seem to be challenging, but maintaining suit can help you not just to appear your best, but to truly feel your best as well. After the physical fitness tips mentioned above may help make it simpler that you should meet up with your targets.


  1. Thnk you so much for this!! It helped me a lot!
    But i kinda wonder, there is big possibility that i have a very minor scoliosis. Will it obstruct me from doing all of these back bends? And will it worsen my back?

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