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Today’s restorative yoga class explores the difference between a round bolster and a rectangle bolster. We begin with a guided relaxation to center you and bring your focus inwards. From there we move your spine in all four directions with a supported twist, backbend, side bend and forward bend. There are restorative yoga postures to open your hips and lengthen your hamstrings. Classic restorative postures such as legs up the wall and child’s pose renew energy.

Put simply, the rectangular bolster provides stability while the round bolster supports the curves of your body. Throughout this class we will interchange the rectangular bolster and the round bolster. The round bolster will support the curves behind your knees, and the curves of backbends and side bends. The rectangular bolster will be used when stability and a firm foundation is required. Throughout the class I will sprinkle in quotes to inspire the metaphor of stability and curves. The class will end with a poem that speaks to both the metaphor of stability and curves in our lives.

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Finding Fitness With These Ideas

As individuals era, they often times let their health and fitness slip. The pressures of the job(s), loved one, and children frequently consider precedence more than working out. In case you are exhausted of how you possess let your body slip, then stick to these health and fitness suggestions shown below. They will assist you to get into the design you have been in whenever you have been a teen.

When weight training, the remainder you are taking among units, will determine how your muscle tissues will experience. If you are searching to build muscle tissues and obtain bulky, your rest time among units needs to be much longer. If you are searching to build endurance and obtain leaner, much more sculpted muscle tissues, your rest time needs to be reduced.

Inadequate health and fitness are often very difficult, but with some job and a few determination, you will get greater at it. It just requires study and asking your medical professional what to do and the way to technique it safely so that you can attain your fitness goals. Do a favour and check out making use of the above ideas to help improve your fitness goals.


  1. Salve, mi piace molto il suo stile. Perché non ce ne sono molti in italiano? Grazie

  2. Sat nam! Lovely class!

    I don't know how you do it but the timing of each class seems to fit just right where I am at the moment in my life. Both in the big perspective and the smaller perspective. So this class was a perfect "1st day of the period"-class and time to reflect over the long term stability of my life. Moneywise, spiritually and how to fulfill my dreams without pulling up the roots that keeps me upright when the wind is blowing.
    I value stability of my mind and actions and how they affect other people and myself in the long term. I find it rewarding, joyful, developing and a great way to live.

    Thank you Melissa and Tim 🙂

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