Another day, another #YOGANUARY video! Your feedback so far has been amazing. Today’s video is again going into the deeper side of yoga, looking at bandhas, what they are, where to locate them and why we use them in yoga. Knowing this will help grow your practice so much!

Leggings –
Jumper –

This is suitable for all levels, including complete beginners.

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Yoganuary is a 31-day yoga challenge that I am bringing you every day (VIDEOS TO BE UPLOADED AT 6AM) throughout January to not only help work on your movement and tone those bodies, but to hopefully teach you about lots of other aspects of yoga. All I ask of you is to open your mind, get on your mat and spend a little bit of time there every day.

I filmed this on my Olympus Pen E-PL7. I didn’t need lights for this video, but when I do, I use these studio lights –

How to Start a Fitness Program

A little bit schooling is a sure way to make getting into good shape much less frustrating and confusing. You may not need to commit big obstructs of your energy to learning about health and fitness, possibly the quickest glimpse through the resources on the subject can produce very beneficial information. This information will share just a few of the quick ideas that may enhance your health and fitness IQ significantly.

When you aim to improve your talent at baseball, you should try wearing leather material or fabric operate hand protection when dribbling so that you can boost your dribbling capabilities. This is because the fullness of those hand protection raises the sensitively in the hands. If you take the hand protection away from, your tennis ball manage may have better.

As you can tell, simply being match is easy to blend to your program. Take the 1st techniques and begin your healthful way of life health and fitness timetable these days. The advantages will likely be your own forever and the people you already know are certain to spot the big difference in your look and perspective.


  1. Thanks Cat 8years 4 teaching nerver heard of Maha bandha that why i love YOUTUBE 😀

  2. Really like the deeper aspect of the practice. It is so beneficial to help everyone go deeper into the work. (Love the leggings!)

  3. I have recently started to read about bandhas which has made me pick up on when my teachers mention them too. It is so helpful to have you talk through them with demonstrations. It really helps bring it to life! I love that your Yoganuary focuses on more than just yoga asanas. I feel like you are bringing your own voice to the Yoga Youtube world (and let's face, it there are a lot of videos out there!) It's nice to watch content that feels so authentic and original.

  4. Thank you for Yoganuary !
    I´m falling in love with yoga and really like to meditate! Even if its really hard for me.
    You are soooo inspiring. I found myself in these few days and I can´t wait for the other days! :***

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